Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #1

Howdy All!

We were High River bound on Tuesday in some pretty warm weather after enjoying a pretty good Medicine Hat.  We arrived at our destination around 1:30 PM.  The weather gauge was reading 27 degrees celsius which is 80.6 in fahrenheit for those of you that go by that.  At any rate, we were pretty warm setting up the barn that day.  We had lots of water on ice to quench our thirst, and when the horses were unloaded, I just happened to find some frozen daiquiri in my freezer.  A glass full of that beverage kept our feet a going.

Naughty Nets and Pets

Just one of our Sponsors

As we travel down the road, our sponsor “Knaughty Nets and Pets” Shannon and Michelle, have provided us with hay nets to which the horses enjoy  nibbling on good green hay while we travel from show to show.   This helps keep them happy and content while in the liner that is kept cool with big ventilating fans.  We recommend Knaughty Net products as they serve us very well.  They have an assortment of products for large and small animals, so it would be worth your while to look them up.

Nickle is always the last horse to be unloaded.  He gets special treatment riding in the front of the liner.  Its where the least movement is when going up and down the highways.  He’s one of the old boys that’s been around for awhile and he will be retiring on the ranch when his time comes to call it quits.  He came to us from a horse trainer in the Edmonton area.  He had  a bit of attitude when he came to us, but it only took about a year to get into the groove and he’s been one of our best ever since.  He’s quite friendly, however, when he’s hooked on the left lead,  Nickle likes to occasionally nip the arm of the outrider.  We always give them a friendly reminder to just be aware.  Oh the personalities of a horse.


A Panoramic View On Top of the Liner

While setting up, we have to scurry up on top of the liner to pull up the ratchet straps that secure the sidewalls to the unit while traveling.  This photo is facing north to the track.

Once our horses are unloaded, the barn is unstrapped, Rick starts the built-in generator to power up the hydraulics to open up the side walls, which make up our barn.  Its a pretty unique barn, yet it still takes about 2 hours to be completely set up from the time of arrival to bedding, hanging dividers, to filling feed and water buckets to putting the horses in.


Fed and Watered


A Home Away from Home

With a bit of down time on Wednesday,  Rick and I decided to take the kids out west to Longview area, about a 30 minute drive to John Scott’s Ranch.  John is involved in Motion Picture Productions and his Ranch is a beautiful place with so much interesting artifacts that are used in many movies over the years.

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The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing and the sky was breathtaking blue with fluffy white clouds.  The day couldn’t have been better for photography.   I am no professional, but I did get a few good shots and the Rocky Mountains are amazing to see.  This country down south here is so beautiful, that everyone should get a chance to travel it.

Our first night of racing here in High River was a bit cool with a wind.  When you are near those mountains, you just never know what the temperature will be.  Nine heats of chuckwagons with 4 to a heat went without a hitch.  A few penalties here and there, but good just the same.


A Helping Hand

Once Rick takes his practice turn, he often asks Duncan our barn hand to reach over and help pull the lines as the horses are raring to go.  This just settles them a bit before the race begins.


Coming off the Barrels

We hooked Ranger on the Right Lead, Spirit on the Left.  Air on the Right Wheel and Sporty on the Left.  Chance Flad held the leader riding Beau, and Chanse Vigen threw the stove with Ice.  Rick was off the two barrel tonight and made a safe turn around the top and bottom.  Kurt Bensmiller off the four barrel outturned all the other 3 outfits.  The heat was a fast one, and we ended up 10th on the day with a 1:15.89.

Les MacIntyre

Track Announcer Mr. Les McIntyre

Our announcer here in High River and at several of our other World Professional Chuckwagon shows, is Les McIntyre.  He hails from the town of Vulcan.  Les was a chuckwagon competitor himself many years ago, but then took on a role as an auctioneer, announcing rodeo and chuckwagon races where his voice permeates throughout the crowd each night bringing the races to life.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”



P.S.  You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.


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  1. My daughter was fortunate to receive one of your mini chuckwagons tonight in High River. She was BEYOND excited that Rick handed it to her from his wagon and talked about it non stop till bed. At the moment it is with her in bed as it is where her stuffed dog is sleeping tonight. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. She was beaming!

    • Hello Kylie
      Love ❤️ to hear this. If at all possible, come on back to meet us at our barn south of the grandstand. Would love to get a photo of your little one with Rick and I. Thanks for following along.

  2. Good morning and Thank you Sue. I’m honoured to be included in your always Awesome coverage of your unique life on the wagon trail. Team 23 is very special. It’s folks like you that make it all worthwhile. Have a GREAT DAY! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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    • Hi Les
      Thanks for the kind compliment. I love to write, just wish I had a little more time to do it. Will be fun to read in years to come.

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