On the Road Again

Howdy Friends

Many nights and days were spent packing and preparing for the 2018 Chuckwagon season that fell upon us so quickly.  With groceries purchased, clothes tucked away in the closets of the RV, winter wear for those chilly evenings and early mornings, water hoses, lawn chairs and so much more……………I hope I didn’t forget anything too important.  And if I did, we will be stopping in at home on our way to the 2nd venue of the season, Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

When one pulls out of the yard, you never really know how the day will turn out.  You carefully plan ahead of all the things that are needed, the route you will take, the time of departure and estimating the time of arrival.  Well this year, we chose to begin with an early start.  We arose at 3:30 AM, departing at 5:00 AM, hoping to arrive in Grande Prairie by 11 AM.  Everything was going according to plan until we reached the west side of Edmonton, only an hour on the road.  Our pickup pulling the horse trailer would not shift out of four-wheel low.  Our decision to the problem was to turn around and head back home to hopefully fix the issue with the vehicle.

Once we arrived back home, unloaded the horses, and the guys tended to the pick-up, low and behold, just like a miracle, the truck shifted back to where it belonged.  A group decision was made.  I was to make a quick breakfast for all, we loaded the horses and away we went, 2nd time around with the time of departure ringing in at 10:30 AM. Not bad at all.  The rest of the journey was as smooth as quiet waters, landing in at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie close to 5:30 PM.  Then the set up began.


Just Relaxing

The 7 hour journey can be tiring for us the drivers, and the horses too.  When they come off the truck they run, buck, kick and stretch then slow right down and rest.  At night they are treated very well in their stalls with a fluffy bed of straw, a bucket full of oats, beet pulp, vitamins and clean cold water.


Shoes All Around

Ty, our farrier arrived right on time to tend to all the hooves of the ponies.  While we humans like boots and shoes, the horses all need their feet covered as well.  They are plated with aluminum horse shoes  and need to be replaced every 3 to 4 weeks while racing around the track.  It’s all called maintenance.


The Little Red Baron


Ready to Fly

While the days were beautiful here in Grande Prairie, my nephew took me for a little tour around the area, up in his plane, the Little Red Baron.  I thoroughly enjoyed our excursion, seeing how much growth has taken place since we left the city over 10 years ago.


Evergreen Park

I managed to get a shot of Evergreen Park, where we race, beginning this week on Wednesday evening.  It is a beautiful area surrounded by many pine trees, lots of sand and wildlife too.

The track is open for practice early in the morning.  Many of the camps, hook up and utilize this time to exercise their outfits.  Sometimes hooking up 1, 2 or even 3 outfits in a day.   This makes for a busy time along with the morning chores.

Coy batting

Ball Season in Full Swing

Back in Consort, the home of our daughter Amy and her family, keep busy on the farm and taking Coy our grandson to his afterschool activity of playing ball.  I managed to take a quick trip to watch him before we hit the road.  He was so excited when he got to bat, and hit the ball 3 times in a row.  And to top that off, he caught a fly ball that came his way!  Kids are so important, and they love to be watched in all that they do.  I look forward to when they connect with as at some of the shows.


Just a Little Bit of Cowboy

Back in Saskatoon, my good friend Lucy awaits our arrival of our 2nd stop on the tour.  On her doorstep she has just a little bit of “Rick” with flowers planted within a pair of his old cowboy boots.  How cool is that?

Until next time,

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Don’t just count your years, make your years count.

Ernest Meyers

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  1. Good luck!!! Looking forward to Ponoka!! And maybe we’ll see you somewhere else along the tour!!

  2. Thank you for your posts and videos. May your travels be safe and trouble free. Good luck racing this year. Have a great time.

    • Hello Norm
      Thank you for following along. Looking forward to a safe, fun and properous racing season.

  3. Thank you for your posts. I very much enjoy the vicarious experience. Wishing you safe travels, happiness and good luck this racing season.


  4. Hello Sue,

    Good luck for tomorrow with the season start. Greetings for the both of you and offcourse for team 23.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    Astrid and Jan

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