Opening Game Day

Howdy All!

Well, today is the day!  The first race day of the 2018 Season of the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Tour.  Are we ready?  I do believe we are.  Spring training went according to plan and we enjoyed every minute of it.


The Observant Douglas the Cat

And one fella that made our time at home very interesting and fun was Douglas the Cat.  He loves attention.  When we headed out to the barn for practice, along came Douglas and our dog named Nugget as well.  These two were quite the pair.  Watching all our moves.


Morning Cuddles

While the team was hooking up the ponies, Cody was giving some lovable attention to Douglas.


Catching a Ride

Douglas would often be on the wagon while we were getting ready to launch our trip around the track.  And this one particular day……………….he never got off!!!  Douglas went around for 3 full laps and then decided it was time to get off.  Oh the personality of that little kitty is priceless.


Headin to the Infield

We are excited to say, that our son Cody will be racing a wagon here at the Stompede.  Not with our association, but with the Western Chuckwagon Association.  They had a few spots available, and we had a few extra horses to run, so the decision was an easy one.


A Natural

Rick and I are very proud to see Cody up in the box driving a team.  He has such a natural ability when it comes to Chuckwagon Racing.  He really enjoys bonding with the horses and feeling the power in the lines from his hands to their mouths.  It’s quite a connection.


The Wagon Tells a Story

Cody designed his own Chuckwagon.  He chose colors the same as his dads.  The Diamonds represent his great Grandfather Tom Dorchester, the stars were from his great Uncle Dallas Dorchester’s Chuckwagon, and both World Champions.  And the “48”?  Well Cody is the fourth generation driver in the Dorchester family, and the eighth driver to compete.  A job well thought out.


Birthday Celebrations

With so many people in our Chuckwagon World, there is always a birthday to celebrate somewhere.  Rick did the honours in presenting our friend Nico with his very own birthday cake.  Nico (Nicolas Hardy) is a barn hand in the Logan Gorst camp.  Nico hails from the country of France.  He came to the Gorst camp a few years ago not knowing a thing about this sport we call Chuckwagon Racing.  Well,  it didn’t take Nico long to get addicted and he keeps coming back every year to help out.  He has also set a goal to become an outrider, and an outrider he is.  Nico is a world traveller, and has been to many nations in his journey of life.  He has many stories to tell.  If your interested to see where he’s been, you can check him out on Facebook.


Treats from the Candy Man

They know him as the “Candy Man”.  Yes Rick and I like to spoil all the little kids from the other camps and the fans that come to visit.  What little person doesn’t like a candy or two?  At each and every stop, they all seem to find where the Candy Man is parked and come by for that quick little treat.


They’re Back!!!  Yes, Rick and I are giving out our mini Chuckwagons after each and every race this year.  We are excited to have our Veterinarian out of Sherwood Park,  Ryan and Lana from Delaney Vet Services come on board and sponsor this giveaway.  Over the years that we have raced, and in the off-season, their company has been an integral part of our “Team 23”.  We thank them for the tremendous hours of work and knowledge that has gone into taking care of our herd of horses.


Ready to Race

Here’s to another great season.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for following along on my journey, along with Rick and  “Team 23”.  I also thank you for all your comments and well wishes over the past years that I have been writing.  I enjoy  hearing from you, sharing my photos, stories and letting you all experience just a bit of what it is like here on the o’l dusty trail.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Moving forward, and not looking behind, is the way to live ones life.






22 thoughts on “Opening Game Day

  1. Wishing Cody and Rick a successful Stompede and may 2018 be th year you all strive for.
    Maybe even get to see you again when we harrow the barrels couple times.
    As always a very interesting blog 👍❤️

  2. Hey Sue and Rick!

    All the best to you guys this 2018 season – I always enjoy reading your posts and tracking your progress throughout each year! I have fond memories of your family when we all lived up in GP…

    Wow does Cody ever look like Rick in that first picture with Douglas! All the best to you as well Cody!

    Take care, Alden

  3. Wishing you the very best of luck in the 2018 season! As always, I will be cheering hard for Team 23!!

  4. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures Sue. I used to go down the road as a barn hand with a couple of wagon outfits in my youth and your blog brings back so many wonderful memories, but I have no idea how you manage to find the time during the season to keep it up. I don’t ever remember having a spare moment and I know you don’t either, but I’m so glad you manage to make that time happen somehow.
    I’m forever a fan of the sport & your family.

    PS. Thank you for your positive PS messages, they are always spot on!

  5. So glad to have you back…….kind thoughts and best wishes for a safe and successful season to all of you!

  6. Good luck team 23 and 48 in GP gather some points and maybe a shiny new truck with a dependable 4 wheel drive. I am sitting in Regina so no radio but will be following you on the. Web. Keep the blog coming. Came trough Moose Jaw today and they got a foot of hail last night.

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