Ponoka Stampede Day #5

Howdy All!

As I sit down to write this story, I can hear the raindrops falling on the metal of our home on wheels.  Someone said it was only to last until 3 AM. I sure hope so.  We don’t need any more moisture .  It just  makes for a whole lot more work.


Full Force Ahead


An Amazing Rainbow


Tonight Rick hooked Spin on the Right Wheel, Orchid (the new horse) on the Left Wheel, Nickel on the Right Lead, and Louie on the Left Lead.  Chance Flad rode Stadium and Quiad rode Air.  Well when the horn sounded, they started as usual, but they really didn’t rock out of there until they headed onto the track.  Then the burners came on.  Rick stole the rail and boy did he fly. It was impressive it was so good to watch.  Rick’s running time was 1:15.21 good enough for second on the day for Direct Horizontal Drilling. Very Very Good!

On the Homestretch

We are so very happy how the horses are performing.


Pull Jimmy Pull

We enjoyed seeing our good friends Jim and Jo this evening.  It didn’t take long for Jim to dig in and help.


A Special Fan

When Amy was at the races, she spotted this little guy with a sign for Rick.  How cool is that?  A lot of hard work went into making it and we sure do appreciate it!  Someone like this would totally deserve a mini chuckwagon.

I better get to bed as I ‘m having a very hard time keeping my mind straight as to what to write in my blog.  So if it doens’t make sense, you’ll know why!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. You’ll be exactly as happy as you decide to be!

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