Calgary Stampede Day#1

Howdy All!

The big day has arrived!  Friday, the first day of the 2018 Calgary Stampede.  We were slated to go into the parade today, and we were quite pleased that the weather man was predicting some very warm and wonderful weather.


On Our Way

Coy, Rick and I departed from the barns around 7:30 AM to head to the staging area.  Putting a parade together has to be no easy feat.  Lots of planning goes into it.  As the parade didn’t get underway until 9 AM, we had to drive the chuckwagon to the starting point.  We used 2 draft horses that were owned by our friend John Scott.  We wouldn’t think of using our thoroughbreds as they would be to high-strung for a parade walk.

As this is the second largest parade in North America, sitting second to the Rose Bowl parade (I think) I believe it is a very good one.  Calgary can also boast that it has the most equine animals involved in any parade around the world.

DSC_0478eDSC_0481dDSC_0486aI Really enjoyed seeing all the natives dressed up in their attire.  It is so unique and colorful. The reason I am so attracted to it is because I have some Metis heritage in my family.


Taking Time

I was so amazed at how many people came out on a beautiful day to watch the parade.  The streets were lined wall to wall with folks wanting to catch a glimpse of all the floats, horses and bands.


Proper Care

While we were away, our farrier was busy in the barn.  Some well needed pedicures were needed for the ponies.  Leo was hard at work, making things just right.


Ready to Roll

We were seated into the seventh heat, on barrel 4.  Barrel one was Cody Ridsdale, barrel two was Obrey Motowylo, and barrel three was Logan Gorst.   Rick was ready to roll when the horn sounded.  He had Louie on the Left Lead, Nickle on the Right. Orchid on the Left Wheel and Spin on the Right.  Chanse Vigen rode Stadium holding the leaders and Mad Dog AKA (Ryan MacNeil)  threw the stove with Ice.  The crew didn’t start near as good as they have been starting.  But they got to running pretty good.  From what I could see the running was on the rail.

Our good friends Norm and Bev are staying in the comfort of their own home to watch the races.  Immediately after Rick’s race they sent me these clips of the race.  I sure do appreciate them, as I don’t get to see the race at the best spot behind the chutes.

We placed ninth on the day, which with all things considered, it was a very good run.  With 10 days of running, the key is to be clean and steady, at a good pace.  The aim is to make the top eight, then the top four, then to climb onto the stage for a big presentation.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Never stop doing the little things for others.  Sometimes the little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.


6 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Day#1

  1. watched the parade on TV and saw a very good close up of the Rick Fraser wagon. Rick hanging his leg over the side waiting for moment was priceless as that never happens on the track.

  2. Our most sincere condolences to you Rick and family it was great that you were able to spend some time together when you were in gr pr and were able to get to see him before he passed away

  3. Sue – we are very sorry to hear of the passing of your dad. Prayers and condolences to all of you. May all your blessed memories provide comfort and peace. With our sympathies ~ Bruce and Angela (Tim’s parents)

    • Hi Angela
      Thank you so much for your condolences. My dad was a very good man. He left us kids with many good traits. We had a very good celebration for him with Rick and my kids right on the grounds and that was so good.
      P.S. We sure enjoy Tim. And so does Coy. They are big buds. Tim takes the time for him and how good is that?

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