Calgary Stampede Day #7

Howdy All!

It wasn’t too exciting of a day.  Chores went according to plan.  We had a great breakfast made by the Dorchester Clan next barn over.  We then went over to a near by building to be interviewed by the historical committee.  Rick, Coy and I had stories to tell.  There is a group of people that are compiling all sorts of information from different drivers and outriders for their archives.


Another Year Older

We celebrated our son Cody’s twenty seventh birthday. I don’t particularly like store-bought cakes, so I got Rick’s relatives to make up one of Cody’s favorite………….a lazy daisy cake. It was delicious!


Papa and Ryker

After the horses were all walked for afternoon exercise, Papa took grandson Ryker for a round about the barns.  He really like it.


Sponsor Photo

Around five pm we have the sponsors come through, and today we had another great group of people go through the barn to meet the horses and ask a few questions.  Rick and Cody looked after them all. This is a really great way to promote  a business.


Heading to the Barrel

Tonight we were off the four barrel.  We hooked Louie on the left lead, Nickle on the right.  Spin on the right wheel, and Orchid on the left.  Chanse Vigen rode Ed holding the leaders and Orchid was rode by Ryan MacNeill.  The boys didn’t start as good as yesterday.  Rick got out and decided to pull and go to the rail.  Sometimes this works and you can get a hole coming home down the stretch but not today.  It was a slower heat and we place 31st on the day  and sitting 5th in the aggregate.


Over the Tunnel

Tomorrow the aggregate champion after 8 days of racing will be crowned.  We hope to stay in that top eight for the 2nd last day of racing in order to get a shot of making it to the final Dash for Cash heat on Sunday.  I hope the stars all line up.


New Friends

Coy has no problem showing people around the Chuckwagon barns and answering any of their questions.  These two girls then wanted a photo with Coy and he obliged.


Group Photo

Our daughter Amy’s husband arrived today to spend the last three days and cheer the team on.  They sat up in the stands and got the crowd going with all the “Ricky” faces.

Only three more sleeps and the 2018 Calgary Stampede will come to a close.  This is so hard to believe as the week has just flown by.  We are going to make the most out of the time we have left and enjoy every minute of it.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Never force anything.  Give it your best shot and then let it be.  If it’s meant to be, it will be.

5 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Day #7

  1. Susan, since your auction is tomorrow does that mean u won’t be racing in Strathmore and Dawson Creek etc. ? Not sure how that works. All the best in any case for an awesome ending to Calgary.

    • Hi Dawn
      So sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Was a very busy Calgary. So, as you know now, we will not be racing anymore. We finished up in Calgary. We are home now on the Ranch doing repairs and such around the place. Trying to get caught up in office work and such. So not much for time off, however we have been getting more shut eye, which we both totally were in need of.

  2. Coy is quite the ladies man! You will have to keep posting how your little ones are doing after you retire as we have watched Coy grow up thru your tales

    • Hi there
      Yes I did. Thank you so much. I have had little time to respond due to all of that is going on this week. I will respond more in depth later . So appreciate you tuning in.

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