Calgary Stampede Day #10

Howdy All

So much has happened this past two days, and I have long way to soak it all in.

The races are complete and we congratulate Kurt and Ashley Bensmiller and another win.


1st Harrow Interview

I was given the opportunity to meet up with Kelly Vanderbeek in the CBC booth to be interviewed on our last harah.  The interview went well, and it was good to have a moment to tell a piece of our story.


Ron Maclean and I

While there, I was able to tick off my bucket list of meeting Mr. Ron Maclean, the man of Coaches Corner in Hockey Night in Canada.  A kind soul he is.


In Awe

The fireworks are always a sight to see and the kids sat still long enough to watch them.


A Piece of Memory

In our barn over the years, we have been measuring the kids each and every year to keep track of their height.  To add to this tonight, we had everyone sign a message of what they wanted to say.  We get to take that keepsake board with us, and we will replace it with a new one.


Happy Little Kids

My nephew and family came for the last day of racing to see us off.  How special is that.  We were very happy to see them and this means the world to us.



Friends are what matters.  Keith has been along on our journey for many years.  He may not have been at all the race meets, but he said he’d never miss this one.  And he didn’t.


Barn Crew

We could’t have done all that we accomplished this week without our family and barn crew.  We had tears, we had laughter, we had grumpiness and pain.  But most of all we bonded and got so much closer.  We thank them all and would not change a thing to make it better.  It was beautiful.



I am so proud of the family we created.  We may not be perfect, but hey what family is?

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. This journey is yours, enjoy each and every step.




41 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Day #10

  1. Going to miss,miss,miss your post after every race during the season , be like loosing an old friend. Best of luck to you and yours from now on for all your years ahead.

    • Hello Marie
      Your going to make me cry! So glad you enjoyed our journey on the trail. I will be continuing to write. Looking forward to putting my story into a book.
      Cheers to you

  2. Good morning Sue and Rick , Wishing you all the best in whats next to come .Will miss seeing team 23 coming around the last bend but will have great memorizes from all the races .But the best for me is I have both Rick and Cody pictures and hat plus Rick shirt on my wall I’m so lucky I got them Sue and thanks Rick for signing my hat as well . Thank you Team 23

    • Tom
      I am pretty sure your one of Chuckwagons biggest fans! Thank you for that. It is what keeps the wheels rolling. Maybe one day you will get out west to watch them live.

  3. Congratulations on a great Stampede week and Chuckwagon racing career. Enjoy your retirement! Thanks for letting us all take an inside peek of your world!

    • Hello Bonnie
      I am glad you enjoyed. We will surely miss many parts of the Chuckwagon World, but yet we knew it was time to step away for other reasons.

  4. Congratulations on your retirement Sue & Rick. You have both been incredible ambassadors for your sport and every community you visit, and I wish you many wonderful years in whatever you do next.
    As the saying goes… this is the first day of the rest of your life! Enjoy!

    • Hello Dianne
      Thank you for your kind words. We lived, and breathed Chuckwagon Racing when we were in the world we lived in. It served us well on many levels and we gave back to it as well. We loved to share it with others. We are pretty lucky to have met so many wonderful people along the way. Cheers to you

  5. Best wishes to you and Rick as you head down your next jouthey. Will surely miss reading your posts!

  6. Wishing you and your family all the very best as you begin the next phase of your life. Live a life filled with love, laughter and new adventures.
    Team 23 will be missed so I hope to read your blog about your travels down the road.

    • Hello Sheilay
      Thank you for your kind words. A new journey has begun, and we cherish the past. So many great memories. Yes and the blog will continue for sure with whatever adventures come along.

  7. Hi Sue! Watched the final race last night from Nova Scotia along with the interviews. I was proud to say you guys are my family and friends! Congratulations on your retirement RICK and best of luck in whatever you choose to do next! Hope to catch up sometime. Love and hugs from Maryanne aka Spike!

    • Hi There!
      Glad you were able to catch the excitement. It was an emotional week for sure. But a memorable one.

  8. Sue, thank you for all the “feel good” blog entries which I have so enjoyed in my inbox over the past few years. They have been very much appreciated for many reasons. I wish you, Rick and the rest of your family many happy “retired” times together. Hope you have a good mix of busy fun days and enjoyable “backoff from busy-ness” days. Kind regards Marilyn

  9. You have such a beautiful family! We have had so much fun over the years spending time with all of them and cheering you guys on. Enjoy the next chapter of your new adventure.

    Love The Fech’s

    • To the Fech Family
      You can’t imagine how much it has meant of you all to be such hardcore followers. We didn’t realize until after we made the decision of what an impact retiring would have on good people such as you. But as the say “All good things must come to an end.” Guess we will just have to join you up in the bleachers. (Less work there!)
      Cheers to you all

  10. I will miss your posts. Enjoy your retirement. But as I say, I am not retired, just tired. As I seem to be busier than ever.

    • Hi Phyllis
      Yes retired from Chuckwagon Racing, but from nothing else. We are tired for sure and we hope to catch up on some Z’s for this first while. So much unpacking to do and putting away as well.
      Thank you for following along.

    • Hi Deana
      Thank you for following along on our journey. Yes, we are happy Nickel is home and so is he.

  11. Dear Rick and Sue,

    Congratulations on your longstanding dedication and commitment to excellence in the tough and unpredictable sport of Chuckwagon Racing.

    I’ll forever remember Rick Fraser as a horseman; a Chuckwagon Racing promoter and builder, a gentleman, a family man but most importantly as a friend.

    You certainly made a difference in your chosen profession. Your unwavering approach gives shape and meaning to Chuckwagon Racing and life. Competing for 25 years as a driver in the demanding sport of Chuckwagon Racing and winning the WPCA World Championships is a calling reserved for the best.

    I share with you a quote from Lou Holtz, a long-time US college football coach and a sought after motivational speaker. “The people that make the biggest impact on life are those who care little about rights and privileges……but feel strongly about their duties and obligations. It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.” To me those words embody the traits shown by Rick and Sue Fraser.

    Because of your character, competitive spirit, the support of family, the dedication to Chuckwagon Racing and the never-ending commitment to do your very best, you have been able to overcome the adversities faced in your journey to become a personality that truly represents the demanding sport of Chuckwagon Racing; on and off the track.

    When I think of sport’s personalities that have a real passion for their sport and the willingness to share their experiences, I think of Rick and Sue Fraser. You remain one of the most engaging couples that I know in sports.

    What you have accomplished during your storied career doesn’t happen by chance. Chuckwagon Racing is where it is today because of your remarkable and extraordinary contribution over the years. Few could only dream of travelling the Fraser road paved with dignity and respect.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with Shirley and me. The memories and the friendship will last a lifetime.

    I’ve attached one of my favorite pictures.

    Enjoy the well-deserved retirement from Chuckwagon Racing and the start of a new beginning.

    Best wishes to you and family.

    Your friend,

    Stan and Shirley Schwartz

    • Hello Stan and Shirley
      Thank you so much for the kind words. With Rick being such a humble human being, it is so good for him to hear your commetns. We have always been a tight unit living the life that we loved. Rick’s passion runs deep for the sport, and I as his wife always wanted for him to shine in the best way possible. We have enjoyed and hold many great memories from our Chuckwagon journey. We also have gained so many wonderful new relationships with people such as you. We may not have spent much time with you, but know that we have connected. One day when we are in Calgary, we hope we can meet up.
      Cheers to the both of you

  12. I have enjoyed every day of your blog. We will miss Team 23 at the races and really don’t know who we will cheer for now. Love how kind you and Rick are and it is great to know you are bringing up a special family that will have all of your values. Best wishes in your future journey and may God give you a clear run.

    • Hello Randall
      Thank you! Thank you for following along on our journey. We have had a great run and look forward to the next chapter.

  13. Congratulations on your amazing wagon achievement.I am going to miss your blog,which gave me a close look at all that happens in the race and the life of the wagon family after the race is over.wish you the best of everything in your new adventure. Many thanks

    • Hello Dale
      thank you! So many people have asked if I will continue you writing, and I will. Just on another level. Thank you for following along on our journey.

  14. P.S. Do they still call Wetaskiwin “Dry Answer You Lose”? I was born there and my Dad told me that when I was very young but it took YEARS for me to figure it out. Ha Ha.

  15. So happy for the both of you and your family ! Keep on going and enjoy your life the memories will be incredible !! Congratulations again !!

    • Hi Helen
      Missed seeing you and your hubby. Thank you for following along. We always loved seeing you and wonderful humor.
      Cheers to you

  16. Best of luck to you and Rick. I have so enjoyed reading your blog constantly. Loved everything you shared. Enjoy your summer and the next chapter in your lives. We will miss you at the barns.
    A stampede volunteer for 18 years.
    Enjoy and health and happiness for you all.

    • Thank you Maggie for taking the time to send a note. Much appreciated. Did we ever meet? We meet so many people. We appreciate you volunteers as you are what makes the world go around. Thank you for so many years of service at the Stampede.

      • Good Morning Sue,
        Yes we have met a few times and I always enjoyed you beautiful flowers in your barn. But like you said, you meet hundreds of people and would never be able to keep track of all of us.
        God bless and on to the next wonderful chapter with family and friends.

      • Oh so sorry. Well when we meet again, let me know and I won’t forget. Maggie is a good name and not too common.
        Yes I liked the flowers. Just made it a bit more home like and welcoming.

  17. Congratulations on your retirement Rick & Sue. We are certainly going to miss watching you race, but know that both of you will stay in touch with this great sport!! Soon you will realize that you made the made right decision while it was YOUR CHOICE! Enjoy & hoping you keep ‘The Travelling Trailer’.

    • Thank you Ron for you your message and following along on our journey. I have been asked many times if I will continue to write. And yes I will just at a different dynamics, and not late at night. lol
      We did make the right decision and by our choice!

  18. Sue it has been such a pleasure following your blog. Cheering for Team 23 every year in Ponoka and Strathmore and sometimes High River as well. Best wishes in the next stage of your lives.

    • Hello Barb
      Thank you for following along. It has been a wonderful journey and we look forward to what is to come.

  19. Reading you last blog just now as this year I watched and cheered for you from Slave Lake and talked about your retirement with Grand Prairie fans from the campsite beside us. I will miss both you and Rick on the chuckwagon circuit as team 23 was my team from the time we first camped with you family. As you have travel from site to site this year I remembered watching the kids have their own chuckwagon races in the camping field, watch them grow up to be wonderful young people and start their own families. Enjoyed remembering the tales of your nephews getting into trouble with my grandson,along with the many times Rick told them and others about the ins and outs of this great sport.
    Retirement is another step in life and can and will be a much fun as you make it. New chapters are get and sometimes surprises as you get involved. Remember all of us enjoy your blog and look forward to hear about the next chapter.
    I still think you could make a fabulous coffee table book with all the great pictures you have taken over the years. Lou

    • Hi Lou
      Memories! That is what we all hold. You and John are part of ours for sure. Yes it only seems not very long ago. The kids were little, now they have kids of their own. We will cherish these times and more. And yes, I am going forward with a book.
      Cheers to you

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