High River: Night One (June 18)

We arrived safely into the town of High River on Tuesday around 2pm. On the way out of Medicine Hat, there was a big truck DOT (Department of Transportation) stop. Some of the chuckwagon outfits got pulled over and checked out for different things.

We managed to bypass them, thank goodness. We don’t need any trouble there. We do get our trucks inspected before we hit the trail in the spring, so we really have nothing to worry about. It’s more of a hassle when you have livestock on because you don’t want them to have to sit too long in the trailer.

The three-hour trip here was just right. A good time for me to just sit and think. The weather was perfect when we arrived and the committee had mowed all the grass where we parked. It looked so nice. We got the pens set up in record time and unloaded the ponies to run around and eat fresh grass. It sure didn’t take long for more of the outfits to fill the grounds. I always say we are a band of travellers going from town to town doing what we love.

Yesterday the rain settled in for a good part of the day so we decided that it must be a movie/nap afternoon kind of day. First though Rick and I headed into town on a date, just the two of us…to Peavey Mart. One of my favourite stores. We were on the hunt for a “Y” for the hose. We found one.

Then we also came out with some bright orange “Colt Cosgrave” socks for Rick! He just had to have them.

And one other thing came out with us too, a new cooler for the beverages. It’s supposed to be some great item that keeps your ice frozen way longer than most others. We’ll see just how that fares for us as the summer goes by. So far, I think it was a good purchase.

From there it was back to the grounds to cuddle in to watch a movie. It was no thriller to say the least, as Rick fell asleep in the first 10 minutes. I watched it right until the bitter end, hoping it would get better but it didn’t. NEXT!

CBC crew

Today Greg and his right-hand man from CBC arrived to do some filming and interviewing. They wanted to put together a story on our grey wheeler Zorba. Last year, Zorba had some health issues so we had him looked after by some local vets and Renault from the university. It really was amazing what they did, how they helped him and that he is back in the so-called bullpen today. We are so thankful. They will be airing this sometime during the Calgary Stampede.

Rick Fraser Team 23

So Rick and his equine team tonight were placed in the ninth and final heat coming off the 4 barrel. Alongside were Kurt Bensmiller on 1, Obrey Motowylo on 2 and Kirk Sutherland on 3. The hook tonight was our short barrel team of Speedy on Left Lead, Nickle on Right Lead, Sneakers on Left Wheel and Law on Right Wheel.

Chanse couldn’t ride for us this time as he’s riding for Kirk. So we hired up Cole Somerville to hold the leaders on Ace and we still had Dustin throwing stove with Andy. Cole did an excellent job holding the leaders, Rick said. Cole was excited to hear that.

When the horn blew, the horses started and charged hard. They maybe didn’t get the rail but were three wide all the way around the track and managed to cross the finish line first, stopping the clock at a 1:16.99, good enough for sixth on the day.

I think he had an edge to go just that little bit faster at the end when his hat blew off. Ricky’s hat never falls off. I think I will have to get him one of those strings to tie under his chin if this keeps up.

Rick Fraser Team 23

Thank you to TerraCore Rentals for sponsoring us this race meet here in High River.

We were so happy to meet a little fan named Zack tonight, along with his little sister Ali.

crop DSC_8213[2]

You see, Zack was the lucky recipient who received our mini chuckwagon giveaway after the race. Zack showed so much excitement when he came back to the barn. He couldn’t say thank you enough. He was all smiles.

crop DSC_8223[2]

Ricky signed a poster for the kids, gave them a few candies and then they all climbed up into the wagon for a photograph. Those kids sure made our day.

crop DSC_8215[2]

I have to tell you, we learned today that a close friend’s family member passed on today. Just a young person in about their 20s. Broke our hearts to hear this, and my heart hurts for the parents. Every day is a special day and we need to live every day to the fullest with no regrets.

Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between. Count your blessings, not your problems.

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