Bonnyville: Day 2 (July 24)

Day 2 of Bonnyville and no shortage of things to do. A beautiful sunny and warm day it turned out to be. It was so dewy outside this morning when we got up to feed the ponies and enjoy our morning coffee with the Gorst camp next door. I would have sworn it rained in the night. But no, it just was very damp out from the rains that fell all around us last night. I was so thankful those threatening rain clouds did not burst open on us.  I was dreading all the extra work that comes with the rain. Pretty thankful it stayed dry.

It didn’t take long for the morning to go by and then Amy, my friend Lucy and I were off to the ladies’ day spa. Oh, what a treat it is for us ladies of the chuckwagon family to be pampered and spoiled.

Tina the masseuse girl

Tina the masseuse girl

Double Duty

Double duty

You see, some of the local ladies, headed by Joanne Michaud and her daughter Tina,  put together this fabulous day where about a dozen gals and one guy come with their products and services to wait on us with whatever we would like to do.

Look at my nails!

Look at my nails!

We were offered hair cuts and hairdos, massages and foot baths, pedicures and facials, and just a little bit more.

Something special

Something special

Charliegh picking door prizes

Charleigh picking door prizes

They had some games and prizes, and auction items with proceeds going to a local group raising funds for an autism awareness group in their community. We were happy to be able to donate to them.

stress relief

Stress relief

Pedicures for 2

Pedicures for two

And I must not forget the wonderful luncheon that was provided with champagne and orange juice too. A very HUGE thank you to everyone in the group who provided such a wonderful day to so many.

Fancy Cowboy Cupcakes

Fancy cowboy cupcakes

The Kitchen Crew

The kitchen crew

Bonding Time

Bonding time

A wonderful back massage always feels great

A wonderful back massage always feels great

Sheila holding  a wee one

Sheila holding a wee one

Joanne manning the prize table

Joanne manning the prize table

Fun times

Fun times

Sometimes on days where there is downtime, one just never knows what will go on. Well, someone from another camp needed a haircut so he came a-calling. Craig trusted Cayley, AKA Rapunzel, to snip a few strands off his crown. I think she is apprenticing for the barber shop. I offered my haircutting scissors but she continued to use the regular scissors out in the barn. How Red Neck is that? HAHAHA. We lead the most interesting life on the road.

Barber Shop Practice

Barber shop apprentice

So we had some surprise visitors this afternoon. Malcolm, AKA Mouse Mackenzie, his wife Ruby and son dropped in for a quick hello. What a great surprise. You see, Mouse was in a serious accident a year ago. He was doing what he loved, riding his horse, got bucked off and broke his neck along with suffering some other injuries. He was never paralyzed but the accident set him back quite a bit in all his faculties. To see him today was astonishing. He is progressing more than doctors ever thought he would. We were so proud to see him stand. It’s so amazing what total determination can do for a person, no matter what your hurdles may be. Mouse is our inspiration.

Mouse Mackenzie and Family with Rick and Sue

Mouse Mackenzie and family with Rick and Sue

Rick decided to hook the same outfit tonight and run the same outriding horses as last night. We had Speedy on the Right Lead, Air on the Left Lead, Trick on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel. Cole rode Bingo holding leaders and Dustin rode Andy throwing the stove. Both did a superb job.

Rick pulled into barrel 4 tonight. It was  going to be a tough one, trying to pop out of there to steal the rail on Luke, who was on 3. The horn blew and the outfit started and the skinner skinned the team around the barrels to go two wide alongside Luke. Rick had Luke headed the whole way around and even passed him just a bit more on the home stretch. What an exciting run for us! We posted a speedy run to capture second on the day and move us to the top of the leaderboard in the average for the show. Feels real good!


DSC_9622 DSC_9630 DSC_9637 DSC_9642
We are continuing to give out a miniature chuckwagon every night to one lucky fan. Last night a pretty young gal was the recipient of this little wagon. Tonight she and her friends came by to say thanks. We chatted a while and found out that she is originally from England. She thoroughly enjoys the wagon races and hopes to go for a ride someday.


Signing off and headed to bed. Morning comes way too early sometimes.

Sometimes there is no next time, no time outs, no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.

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  1. Thank you for adding the day spa to your wonderful blog! We appreciate all the hard work you girls put in to making wagon racing possible for the boys and you deserve to be pampered! Thanks for all the Team 23 swag you brought us too. (And now I can say that I’m famous, ’cause I made it onto your blog!) Tina

    • Your Welcome Tina. All you ladies and your thoughtfulness to us doesn’t go unnoticed. We sure do appreciate the Ladies Day Spa in Bonnyville!!!

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