Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede: Day 2 (August 6)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

It was kind of a soggy day here in the Dawson Creek. Not really what we wanted to see. We woke up to rain but then it stopped later in the morning, maybe even noonish. I lost track of exactly what time. What I do know is when the crew came in for breakfast, they were a little bit damp. That didn’t  matter. They still ate a very delicious breakfast of bacon, ham, eggs, hash brown potatoes from the garden and fruit salad on the side.

After Chore Breakfast

After-chore breakfast

Once I got that duty all finished with, I headed to town to stop by the post office and grab a few groceries for the next few meals. Even though I picked up the groceries, it doesn’t mean that my jobs are complete. Once back at the trailer, it was up to me to put things away and begin to prepare our evening meal. I chose to make a big pot of chili. This is one of my favourite dishes to make. It’s quite simple to put together and always delicious eating the end product.

Kyle and Kiley all smiles

Kyle and Kiley, all smiles

This week, we are thrilled to have my nephew Kyle and his wife and kids come camp with us. They are especially thrilled to be here, not only to camp with us but they are also sponsoring our son Cody’s tarp. At the end of the day,  Kyle and Cody are cousins.

A Proud Father Looks On

A proud father looks on


Cody had a very speedy run tonight but when he went around that top one he managed to clip it enough to take it down. So sad! But I tell you what, he is a good driver and is only going to get way better. Someone told me he looks like his Great-Uncle Dallas up in that box. What a nice compliment.

It takes a crew

It takes a crew

Paul and a Pony

Paul and a pony

Tonight the track was a bit heavier due to the rain. We were hoping it would not open up and pour again. And it never did.


A father and son moment

Rick chose Speedy as our Right Leader, Air for the Left Lead, Sneakers on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel. Bingo and Andy were ridden by Cole and Rory. The team started pretty good  to turn out with Luke Tournier. Rick had tucked in and followed behind but ended up coming through on the home stretch. Never quite got to the wire first but a good run nonetheless. We placed seventh on the day.

They Started!

They started!

Almost Caught Luke at the wire

Almost caught Luke at the wire

Looking forward to a sunshiny day tomorrow.

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  1. Good Luck the rest of the races. Where are you sitting in the World Standings?

    Dave Heaslip and Lorri

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