Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede: Day 4 (August 8)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

The countdown is on. In less than 36 hours, we will be headed south to Rocky Mountain House for the last show of the season. My, how time does fly. But you know, I’m ready to be done. I’m tired.

It was a beautiful sunny and hot day today. I spent the day helping out with Olana Vigen. She put together a silent auction to raise funds for the WPCA Benevolent Fund and also to give some assistance to our friend Mrs. Laundry Louise in Strathmore. Louise will be so excited to receive this gift of kindness. I’m excited to deliver it.


Ken along for the ride


Crossing the finish line

Our race evening was good. Cody had a good race but just grazed the barrel enough to have it fall down. Unfortunate…but that’s wagon racing. Cody had a new helper in the wagon tonight. It was Ken Drysdale, our sponsor from Kendal Pipeline from a few years back. Nice to see him back in the box.

Rick was off the coveted 1 barrel tonight. I was crossing my fingers we would have an awesome run tonight.

Our hook was Spirit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right Lead, Sneakers on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel. The horn sounded and the horses heard it. They hit it! The skinner drove those ponies around those barrels in fine fashion to steal the rail. Looked like a clean race to me crossing the finish line first.




The outriders Cole and Rory rode Beau and Stadium, and they came back saying it was good. When the dust settled, we had posted a 9th on the day and are sitting 16th in the show.

We enjoyed some visiting after the races with some special friends and family that stopped by. It’s always good to reminisce and catch up on things.
Brother Darcy with grandson Cash

Brother Darcy with grandson Cash

Ava Lynnne

Ava Lynne

A sticker of Uncle Ricky

A sticker of Uncle Ricky

Just visiting

Just visiting

enjoying a cold one

Enjoying a cold one

Until tomorrow….

A great attitude becomes a great mood, a great mood becomes a great day, a great day becomes a great year, a great year becomes a great life.

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