Bashaw Qualification Run-Off: Day 3 (August 22)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Day 3 was a very sunshiny day but cool. Come the evening for the races, it was warmer, sunny and calm. Come the after-race celebration, it cooled right off so our bonfire was definitely needed.


Cody’s buds Jack and Kieran chillin’


Judy and Norm Cuthbertson, 2003 Dodge Tour champion


Our friend Rod Streeper

The day was pretty laid back. Rick zipped off to Edmonton to visit our friend Paul who is in the hospital for a few days. We wish him speedy good health. Norm and Judy and Rod and Virginia joined us here in Bashaw. It’s great to just sit and catch up on life with friends.


Amy and Allie


Sharon and Jesse


Me and my friend Gin

Lots of laughs, tales and beverages were the name of the game for the afternoon. Then most of the crew took naps so they’d be ready for the big night of racing.


Preparing the much drier infield


And they’re off!


The top barrel turn

The gentle giant and his girl

The gentle giant and his girl

The infield dried up tremendously with all the sunshine of the day. No more soupy mess to race in. Cody and all the other drivers were in total need of the pressure washer as a pre-soak before a shower on Day 2.

For his hook on Day 3, Cody had Spirit, Ranger, Sneakers and Law. He had a tremendous run to capture top time of the day to put him first overall of the pack. Momma and Pappa are happy and proud parents. He’s driving very well.


After-race bath

With driving a chuckwagon comes plenty of hard work. Cody has a few of his good buds come to cheer him on as well as give him a helping hand in the barn with the horses. Rick and I are sitting back, letting him do it all. Rick is there for support and to answer any questions but Cody’s the boss of the barn. My role in the barn is nil but my job as the chief cook has remained. It’s all good, though. We enjoy having all the kids around.


Let the sheep scramble begin!


Look out, here I go!


Sheep on the loose!

Our after-race entertainment was great as usual. Those little kids and the sheep are priceless. One of the sheep escaped and thought he was a race horse running down the track. It didn’t take him long to run on back to the others.





The Ewart and the Bushnell families came out to cheer the guys on. We are always happy to have friends come out to watch.

Cody Talance and Seairra

Cody, Talance and Seairra

My little friend Talance

My little friend Talance

We were surprised to have our new friends from Saskatchewan show up. They were donning their Team 23 t-shirts proudly. We had to take some more photos of those cute smiling faces.

Today is day 4 and the races will be held at 2pm. The sun is shining and the air is cool. I will update you all after the races wrap up.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

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  1. I’m sorry I missed this weekend in Bashaw! As you know, we were in Halkirk, and having Les McIntyre announce, made me think of you all even more! Tell that Cody that Stettler is cheering! Wow Sue does Cody ever look like you…what a good looking young man, and his smile is so infectious! Very proud of
    Team 23!! Now enjoy a rest! (:

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