Bashaw Qualification Run-Off: Day 4 (August 23)

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Well, it is Sunday already and Day 4 of the Bashaw WPCA Runoff is a wrap and in the history books. The racing season for the WPCA is complete.

Being an early race day, there was not a lot of time in the morning to do too much. All the camps in our circle took the pleasure of sleeping in. Even me. I’m not sure what time it was but I heard the door rattle while still in bed. Cody had come to get some coffee. Only thing was, it wasn’t made yet! I got myself up, prepared the coffee and started the breakfast for the crew. Once we finished that little job, it was time to close up the trailer for the trip home after the races.

Fans of Team 23

Fans of Team 23

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the final afternoon of racing. It was warm, sunny and beautiful out. The crowd was awesome, as they filled the bleachers and more.

photo 4

Turning the top

photo 5

Headin’ to the bottom

photo 1

Off to the track

photo 2

Cody and Vern

The Post Parade

The post parade

A Wave to the Fans

A wave to the fans

Our son Cody was off the 1 barrel today with the horses Spirit, Ranger, Sneakers and Law. Another great run around the barrels and track.  Cody maintained the highest number of points over the four race days, giving him a spot on the 2016 WPCA chuckwagon circuit. We are so proud of this young man of ours. I think for me, it hasn’t sunk in yet, what our 2016 year ahead holds for us. It will be very busy but a good busy.





Again today they had the crazy sheep scramble for the kids. They have to catch up to the sheep and grab a bow off their backs and take it to the lady for a win. This particular little guy made me smile. He looked like he was having so much fun out there and was oblivious to anything else around him.




I’m not sure if he managed to get a bow but he sure had fun trying to get it.


I think I won!


I won the 50 50! says Neil


Congrats is in order

At the races, there is always a 50/50 draw. Many folks always buy to help out the agriculture society for whatever they need the funds for. My friend Gin thought for sure she was going to be the winner but not so. Retired chuckwagon driver Neil Walgenbach was the lucky winner today, taking home the cold hard cash. Good for him!


Down at her level


Taking the time


A gentle touch

After the races, there is always time to visit with friends and fans who come by. Today Cody had a young gal come by with her family. From afar she loved the horses but up close she was scared to death of them because to her they were so big. Cody got down at her level, bringing one of our horses forward for her to pet. It took some time for the young gal to trust that large animal. For some, horses can be very intimidating. Cody did an amazing job by slowly gaining the young girl’s trust to pet the horse. These moment are so very precious.

A Baby Announcement

A baby announcement

To close off on my blog today, I have some very exciting news. Our daughter Kaylee and her husband Chris have announced that we are going to be grandparents again. Kaylee is having a baby, their first, due next spring, on March 2. We are thrilled to say the least. Only six months to go! I can hardly wait!!!

So my friends, my 2015 chuckwagon racing blog has come to an end.  My blog itself will continue in some casual form. I will write from time to time of things that are going on in our day-to-day lives. I appreciate you all for checking in and keeping tabs on my summer journey. Thank you to those of you who have written comments; I have read them all and enjoyed hearing from you even if I have not responded. Cheers to you all!

photo 3



Life is short, LIVE IT. Love is rare, GRAB IT. Anger is bad, DUMP IT. Fear is awful, FACE IT. Memories are sweet, CHERISH IT.

11 thoughts on “Bashaw Qualification Run-Off: Day 4 (August 23)

  1. Thank You for taking me on your Chuckwagon journey this summer….I so looked forward to your posts….have a wonderful off season….

  2. Sue, thanks so much for taking time during your busy racing season to write your blog. Since we rarely get the chance to attend the races, your blog gives us an opportunity to experience your journey. We are now fans of Team 23, and we look forward to following both Rick and Cody next year.

  3. Thank you for taking us on tour this summer I really enjoyed your time and effort you put in this summer to give us the insight of your and guys rolls while on tour. Congrad to Cody for making tour you must be excited but it will increase your work load but it seems to me you love the sport so much your up for the challenge .

  4. Thank you Sue
    Always open your posts as soon as they arrive, most enjoyable and non bias information when you have so much to be proud of.
    Congratulations on a very successful season, especially the run off.
    Wishing you all continued success.

  5. Appreciate you taking the time to keep us connected to the Chuckwagon Trail. Congratulations to Cody and look forward to an exciting 2016. Also congratulations to y’all on a new grandchild on the way.
    Love to see how you work together as a family and what a beautiful family you have!
    All the Best

  6. Thank you for your blog Sue. I have enjoyed every entry and makes me feel like I am still part of this exciting, hectic, hard working life of Chuckwagon racing. I look forward to next year. Congratulations to Cody and will be cheering him on next year.
    Another grandchild – how wonderful for your family. Coy will have someone to play with in a few years.
    Most of all, wishing you and Rick a well deserved rest and hopefully a nice vacation somewhere warm during the winter.
    Thanks again and until next year I send warm wishes to the Fraser family, TEAM 23.

    • Just want to say a huge thank you Sue for who you are and all you do!!! so appreciate being able to keep tabs on all the races and please give Cody a huge congrats from Mike and I.. Enjoy rest of your summer.

  7. Another grandchild – how exciting for you all. Congratulations 🙂
    Its been great reading your posts over the summer and keeping in touch with you. I received my package in the mail last week and thank you very much for the wonderful gifts! Got lots of compliments while on vacation 🙂
    Looking forward to next summer and more awesome races!

  8. Huge congratulations to both Cody and Kaylee! Give them both a hug from me! 2016 will be an exciting year for your family! Way to go gramma and granpa you did good, you have many blessings to be proud of!

  9. Sue I had a visit with Vern Nolin yesterday and he was telling how nice of a fellow your Cody is and how good of a driver he is . He said he is going to be a star down the road. Just wanted to share that with you.

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