On The Road Again

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends


Team 23 is on the move again!  With having a weekend off after the first race venue in Grande Prairie AB, we enjoyed a few “BUSY” days at home.  Home is definitely nice to be at, but when you start the race season, it is much easier and consistent to be on the road full-time.  When we do stop at home, such as this past week, we always find more to do around the Ranch, plus the horses also get out of the “On the Road Routine”.  For me, I am then living out of 2 homes, the travel trailer and the house.


Our so-called “Caravan” of vehicles headed straight east this past Monday morning.  We got off to an early start, departing at 6:50 am, to be exact.  The weather forecast was to be quite warm for the day, so we take that into consideration for the horses on travel days, thus leaving early.   Our big liner, as we call it, where the horses travel, are equipped with fans throughout, to give the horses the most comfortable ride available.


I drive alone in my big rig, pulling a horse trailer loaded with a few horses, feed and a Kubota buggy. My thoughts are my music.  Along the highway, we traveled through a little town called Wilkie Saskatchewan.  This is a little town that some dear family friends, The Franke Family were from.  I felt I needed to snap a shot to send to them, as they no longer reside there. I just wanted to know that someone was thinking of them.


We arrived safely at Prairie Land Race Track in Saskatoon around 1:30 pm,, and then the setup began.  It was a first for us, as we were the only camp there.  They were allowing drivers in on Tuesday, but Rick and fellow driver Logan Gorst were allowed today, as they are appointed parking directors for this show.  This means that they insure every outfit has a place to park on the grounds with ample space for everyone.

When we arrive, our first call of duty is to set up some pens and unload the horses as quickly and smoothly as possible and provide them with hay and water.  When we travel, they do have access to hay at all times.


On Tuesday, the other competitors and their rigs started to arrive.  It is really something to see, how they all roll in and get set up in record time.

Rick and I thoroughly enjoy all the kids that are along as well.  Our lifestyle is a family affair.   Rick is the candy man, and the kids know where to find us, as we always have treats for the little ones to enjoy.  Oh to be a kid again!


Yesterday, I took some me time, and headed out with my friend Lucy, to her 45 minute boot camp.  During our Chuckwagon travels,  I like to try to stay in my fitness routine as best as possible.  I loved this sign that graced the walls there.  It was my inspiration and I just had to snap a quick one.

One more day of rest, and the races begin!  Tomorrow, Thursday will be the first day of racing here in Saskatoon.  I hear we are in competition for shows,  Garth Brooks is in town.  I wonder if anybody would notice if I snuck away to see his concert just one of the nights?

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23



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