High River, AB Day #1

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

“Team 23” decided to stay back in Medicine Hat a few days extra after the completion of the races.  The facility is very nice there, with lots of room for the horses.  Tuesday afternoon came along, and the rain began to fall.  We didn’t expect that to happen, which made it for a muddy situation.


The Boys Waiting to be Loaded

It did stop by late evening, but was still quite muddy early Wednesday morning for pack up.  Always looking for the positive in things,  it was not raining.  We got out of town by 8 am, with smooth sailing to High River, arriving at 12 noon to a very dusty, dry and hot afternoon.


Knaughty Nets & Pets Sponsor

We are always looking for unique and new ways to provide our horses with what they need.  Knaughty Nets & Pets is a new company out of Millet, AB that has provided us with hay nets to feed our horses when traveling.  They are handy, dandy and our horses love being able to eat good hay while on the road.


Banana Bread Anyone?

Talking about eating, our crew loves to eat.  But I have it figured out.  If the crew eats well, they work well.  I had some very ripe bananas laying around, so I  put them to good use in a batch of banana bread baked in my Travelin Trailer oven.  Oh the smell was so good, and it tasted even better too!


Movie Night at The Hardens

On race nights, we have movie nights.  A bunch of us gather at the Harden trailer to review that days races.  The guys especially love watching, as it helps them to see  just what their horses are doing.  Sometimes, when they don’t perform to the capability that they can, its good to go over the film to see just what is going on.  And of course, Denver Harden is always in for a tease or two when the big boys arrive.


The Fork Tells A Story

Once we got all set up on the grounds in High River, I was walking the path nearby, and found this fork lying on the ground.  The shape of it intrigued me.  So I picked it up and brought it back with me.  I had to tell a story.  To me, this fork resembles many of us, or I guess, all of us.  We are all unique.  There is no one that is perfect.  We all have our special features. We are all full of worth, value and beauty.  Each of us just needs to affirm it within.


Cody see’s his Momma taking his Picture!

Cody had a pretty nice turn off the 4 barrel tonight.  I wasn’t able to see it because I was stationed on the 1st turn taking photos.  It was pretty cool, cause when he came flying by, he seen me, and smiled for the camera!  He loves his momma!!!  12th on the day, but could have been 5th. He  was so speedy, one of his outriders was just a wee bit late causing a 1 second penalty.


Leading the Pack

Rick on the other hand, came a little bit short around the top barrel, and took it down.  Darn it!  But having said that, he still had a very speedy time, which would have been a day money run but instead put us down to 29th.  So we always like to look  at our running time without penalties at the end of the day.  We hooked Spirit (LL), Spin (RL), Law (LW) and Glory (RW).  Cole partnered up with Stadium holding the leaders and we hired Shawn Calfrobe to throw stove riding Andy.  They both got the job done well.


A Happy Nova Scotia Tourist

tonight’s crowd was the smallest I’ve ever seen at the Guy Weadick days here in High River.  This lady however, was cheering the loudest and received our mini chuckwagon giveaway.  She was pretty happy.

The guys always lend a hand getting outfits ready, and hopping in the wagon with each other.  Tonight, long time friends, Rick and Mike Vigen paired up, and son’s Cody gave Chanse Vigen and hand.  The generation continues.


Stadium and Andy

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. When faced with a decision—decide.  When faced with a choice—choose.  Sitting on the fence will leave you to tense, because you neither win nor lose!