Saskatoon Saskatchewan Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Its been a long day.  Morning chores, breakfast, a quick nap for some, packing for me and a couple of visits with some friends, all before the Chuckwagon Races started at 2:15 pm.  An early race day.   We depart tomorrow for Medicine Hat, so we pack up as much as we possibly can, so we can get an early start on the day tomorrow.  Supposed to be 26 degrees down south tomorrow.



I’m sure missing my snuggles with our new grandson baby Ryker.  I’m so thankful for FaceTime, as we can see each other.   Today was Kaylee’s birthday, Rykers mom, our 2nd daughter.  We chatted for a bit, and I got to talk baby talk to him.  I won’t see him for another few weeks yet.


Snuggles with Speedy

While harnessing Speedy today, I took a selfie of him and I.  We’ve had Speedy for some time now and he is a favorite in the lineup.  A little lovin goes a long ways!


Allie waiting for the race


Coming onto the track


Fourth turn ttrain

Cody had a pretty good show this weekend. Today he was 23rd and ended up 16th overall.  He’s heading on up!


Long Gone!

Rick came flying off the 4 barrel this afternoon!  And was he flying!!!  The Team was “dustin on er!” as one might say.  But then, Rick was pulling around the 3rd and 4th turn.  Speedy somehow got off beat with his steps and wobbled just a bit. All things were good but it cost us some time.  It definitely could have been a day money run.  Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda!  Just glad all is safe.

The hook was Nickle (LL) Speedy (RL) Law (LW) and Trick (RW) with Cole riding Andy holding the leaders and Chanse on Stadium.  The boys did well all weekend.

A Shout Out goes to the Vern and Lisa Nolin family at capturing their first show on the WPCA tour!  Good for them.


A nice little conversation

Well the chuckwagon wasn’t quite as muddy as yesterday, but Rick likes to keep it clean at all times.  Our little friend Talance hung out to chat with Rick for a bit.


Taking a break

There is always time for kids.  My little friend Talance and I took a break from all the chores and just sat to enjoy each others company, a beverage and a candy or two.

Tomorrows a busy day on the road to the bright lights of Medicine Hat.  Looking forward to some more beautiful weather down south.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.





Saskatoon Saskatchewan Day #3

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

My hubby must have been pretty tired last night, cause when I crawled into bed…………he was snoring.   And Ricky doesn’t usually snore unless he’s over tired.  The days are busy when we begin our racing days.  Most days we try to get in an afternoon nap.  I’m thinking he’s not getting enough rest.


I was out early this morning at 5:45 enjoying my morning walk/run/stairs routine.  Along my journey, I passed this sign.  But what intrigued me was the red robin that was sitting below. I often am very aware to my surroundings.  I strongly believe that birds, butterfly’s, coins and such are signs from loved ones whom have passed before us.  I’m not quite sure about this bird today, but he did pique my interest.


My little barn hands

Team 23 begins chores before the races at 4:00 pm.  Today we had some extra little helpers mixing the feed for me.  Thanks to Haleigh and Talance.  They are huge Rick Fraser and Team 23 Fans!


Let the Thunder Roll

These sky’s are not quite what we like to see rolling in at 5 pm.  Unfortunately, the weather is out of our control.  The rains did arrive just before the first heat began at 7:15.  So out came the mud pants ,coats and rubber boots to keep us somewhat dry for the evening.


Fun in the Mud

Well, even though the rains came down, the games must go on!  It just makes for 3 X’s more work afterwards for all the crews on the grounds.  So thankful for the access to good clean water because there is so much to hose down.  Right from the harness, to the wagon, to the horses and even the driver!

Rick’s hook tonight was Keenan on the Left Wheel,  Vegas on the Right Wheel, Air on the Left Lead and Ranger on the Right Lead.  Cole rode Drama tonight with Chanse on Corn Whiskey.  Ricky said the team went pretty good. He just about had a chance to go down to get the rail coming around the first turn, but then decided he just didn’t’ have quite enough room to do this.  So around he went, 3 wide all the way.  Cole had a bit of difficulty with Drama, which in turned caused them to be late.  We received a 1 second penalty for that.  We placed 25th on the day and sitting 12 in the average.


Cody is doing pretty good here.  Tonight he split 14/15 with Mike Vigen on the day, and is sitting 15th in the average.  I’m feeling like a pretty proud mama today.  That’s my boy!


Speaking about proud……………this young lady looks pretty proud to have received our 3rd mini chuckwagon giveaway here at Prairieland Park.  Thanks for coming out to watch all 36 chuckwagons of the World Professional Association.  IMG_3343

Along with the rains, comes the mud!  And no driver is exempt from getting down right dirty.  Nothing a good outside hose can’t help with, along with one loving wife!


But First………………


She has to get……………….


Him to Co-operate!



Well, despite the mud and the rain,  Team 23 and 48 stick together like glue and enjoy each and every moment that passes by.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  BE STRONG!  Because things will get better.  It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.