High River, Alberta Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Well that was a whirl wind!  And I’m talking about Sunday, the last days of racing in High River. In my mind, I pre-plan in my head,  how the day is going to go.  But, that doesn’t mean it always works out that way.  Because of the quick turn around between shows, High River and Ponoka, (1 day rest in between) Sunday was a race day, packing day and travel day all put into 1.


A Group Photo

Our day began with chores, a bit of packing, breakfast and more packing.  On travel days such as these, we try to tuck things away as much as possible before the race, so there is little left to do after the races.  I did have a nap planned in my thoughts, but somehow it did not come into fruition.  A quick trip to the grocery store squashed my plan.

Our sponsors from Peter Niemans Water Well Drilling so graciously showed up with another tail gate meal at our barn for lunch, before race time.  On the menu?  Rick’s favorite……hot dogs.  Simple and easy.  We thank them for the meals and the Sponsorship these past 4 days.


Pre-game Chat with Stadium

My job for the races is taking the outriding horses over to the infield for the riders.  This show, I rode one and led the other instead of walking.  They are all pretty good to ride.  When it was time to walk the horses to the riders for our heat, Andy was being like a bad little kid not wanting to go.  I was literally trying to drag him over.  I’m sure it was a funny site.  But in the end, little o’l me won out.  Andy had to race.


Cody was in heat 2 off the four barrel today.  He ran a real decent race, but was assessed a 1 second penalty for a late outrider. Those penalties hurt.  Once he gets that issue straightened out, he’s going to do quite well.  Rick and I are very proud of how he’s driving so far.

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Day #4 for Rick and his equine team was another great one.  Not a day money run, but fast just the same.  “Team 23” ended up 4th for the day and 6th overall. What a jump in the standings two speedy runs can do.  This sure  boosted our camps morale.  We needed that.


Two smiling fans are chosen


Well, the High River Guy Weadick show was a success.  It did not take long for many of the outfits to head north to Ponoka right after the show.  I believe the Harden camp were the first to pull out at 6 pm.

Our convoy got away at 7:30. Not to bad at all.  We rolled into the town of Ponoka by 9:45 pm.  There was still some daylight, so we got busy as beavers setting up pens, filling feed and water buckets, replenishing the hay nets and bedding the stalls.  The ponies were happy in their barn quarters by midnight.

I want you all to know, that I never forgot about completing  my blog for you to enjoy with your morning java this morning.   As I  said before, many things do not go according to our plan at all times.  And today was one of those times.  Rick was a bit under the weather, so I filled in on the items that were on his list.  You gotta do what you gotta do!  All things happen for a reason.  And life goes on.

The Ponoka Stampede Rodeo and Chuckwagon races start tomorrow.  Hope to see some of you there.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23


P.S.  When it Rains, look for Rainbows. When it’s dark, look for Stars.