Rocky Mountain House Day #2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

My apologies for being a bit tardy on my submission of day #2.  The internet service down here is most terrible.  We are situated in a low spot and it just doesn’t connect very well.  I was up very early to write, but ran into issues with no service what so ever.  It finally connected and here I am.  We as a society have grown to be so instant.  We want everything now.  Especially in business.  If one company doesn’t answer their email, text, phone call or other, they are contacting the next one on the list.  Its pretty unfortunate I think.


A Birds Eye View

Just next to our camping spot, is the 2nd turn tower.  Bruce decided he needed to climb up and have a look after breakfast.  Its a long ways up there and definitely is not for the folks who are frightened of heights.

Here at Rocky, we are totally  not being that fast pace living.  We are enjoying our laid back mornings of coffee and visiting.  I ventured over to our friends camp Don and Sheilas for a morning chit-chat.  Rick, well I’m not really sure where he ventured off too.


Little Wagon Recipient

This little one, Lily, came over for a photo with Rick as she received the mini chuckwagon giveaway.  She was quite excited as she plans to give it to her little sister as she got one last year. Feeling proud she is.


Goofing Around

Just after lunch, a few of us jumped in the pick up and headed into town in search of some garage sales.  It’s a ritual that we do and love to have fun along the way.  You never know what you will find for a steal of a deal.


Outrider Comes out of Retirement

Well the crowd was in for a surprise on Day #2 in heat 2, barrel four.  Rick was going to outride for his son Cody.   We have had been talking about it for some time now and decided this was the day to make it happen.  Rick in his younger days was one of the best outriders in his group at the time.  He may not have won a World Champion Title, but boy could he outride and do it well.  He was always the first out of the infield.

Very few people knew this was taking place, so it was a surprise.  Cody came in to get set.  Rick was holding the leaders.  Back in the day he became one of the best lead men to hold leaders.  The team was unsettled, wanting to jump forward.  Rick had a great hold on them and settled them into proper position.  The horn sounded and away they went.  Cody had a great turn around the barrels.  Rory and Rick went to mount their horses.  Ricks horse stopped when he jumped to mount up.  He was unable to get on, on the first try.  You see, when you outride, your horse must be going in a forward motion as in trotting to keep things fluent.  This helps the rider to grab a hold of the saddle horn, take one hop, then pull himself into the saddle.  If the horse stops, as this one did, its pretty tough to get on.  Well, Rick persisted and he did get on and away he went.  This was a proud moment for me to see Rick outride for our son just once.  At the age of 56, he did excellent.  All the outriders and our chuckwagon family thought it was pretty cool.  This one will go down in the Chuckwagon history books.


Shortly after Cody’s race, Rick climbed into the wagon box to drive our team.  With Spirit, Spin, Law and Glory pulling the wagon and Stadium and Ice being ridden by Cole and Chance Flad.  He was off the 2 barrel tonight.  He had an impressive start, and a very tight turn around the top barrel.  Once he cleared the infield, boy did those horses run.  They ran so fast he won his race and posted a 2nd on the day with a speedy 1:15.53 just behind day money winner Chanse Vigen with a 1:15.06.  We are sitting on top of the pumpkin as they say, in the 2 day average of the show.  We are looking forward to keeping it clean and fast for the last 2 days of racing of this 2016 season.


Some Wonderful Chuckwagon Fans

We don’t always get to meet the folks that receive our mini chuckwagon give away, but last night we got a surprise.  A whole group of family stopped in and we made sure they all left with posters, some candy and big smiles all around.  They were pretty pumped to meet Rick up and personal.

From The Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.



4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain House Day #2

  1. Glad to follow your trailer! Sorry we didn’t make it to Dawson this year but will try to meet you either in G P or Dawson or both next year. My Dad and Tommy D were a couple of old Cowboys, we pastured our heard just west of Dorchesters for years. Enjoy all your blogs and that is the first thing I open up each morning! Keep them coming we live in Beaverlodge.

  2. Sue

    Absolutely love reading your posts. I am a big rodeo and chuckwagon fan. I especially enjoyed the post explaining the take down in preparation to move to Rocky. Exhausting just reading it.

  3. I loved the surprise of Rick outriding for Cody! Thanks for the pictures….it just isn’t the same when you are listening on the computer! I was part of ‘Sweet Cheeks’ in Strathmore and I have cheered him on all season! I hate it when my favorites are in the same heat and I have to choose only one to cheer for….maybe that will happen for the Fraser family next season!

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