Rocky Mountain House Day #1

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

The count down is on.  Only 3 more race days left of the season.  Yesterday I ran into town to do the last laundry stop.  I just wanted to get it all done.  The rest of the day, we just relaxed and visited with family and friends before race time.


As I wait for the harrows after heat 3 to take our outriding horses to the infield, I have the most prime seating to watch the first three races.  I climb up on top of our trailer which is located right on the other side of the back stretch.  Great for some awesome shots.

We love coming to Rocky, as the scenery here is so beautiful, on the grounds and the surrounding country side.

Cody was in the 2nd heat off the three barrel.  I watched from the roof top.  He had a great turn off the barrels and ran an impressive race 3 wide keeping up with the other 2 wagons inside of him.  Running 3 or 4 wide is just that many more steps than the other guy on the rail.  He placed 29th on the day with a 1:17.02.


We are happy to be carrying our sponsors tarp, Henry’s Western Wear for this show.  Rick was off the one barrel tonight and was very pleased with the out come.  The hook was Spirit (Left Lead) Spin (Right Lead) Glory (Left Wheel) and Vegas (Right Wheel)  with Stadium and Ice being rode by Cole and Chance Flad in the outriding department.  We posted a 1:15.21 at the finish line for a 3rd day money run.  Whahoo!


Sunset Over the Travelin Trailer

The sky was spectacular as the sun was setting.  I managed a few photos of the beautiful sky.


The nights are chilly here, its been getting down to 5 degrees or colder.  We could put the furnace on, but instead we just have to cuddle more……………save on the propane.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  LIFE GOES ON…………….Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been.



3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain House Day #1

  1. Can you tell us newbies this time more about the Behind the Wagon scene with the outriders?  Can you show a picture of the “wood stove” barrel they load? I am always so focused on the front end of 4 Wagons getting it around the barrels n to the track I can’t say I have ever seen the actual stove or loading happen…  

    It seems from the names you post of your outriders that some of these are fellow chuckwagon drivers not just like a jockey for hire but they do share in the prize? I think you have to provide your own horses or can you use other people’s horses? Does Rick ever outride for other wagons? It might be my lack of knowledge on this but it seems during the race that the outriders hang back a little from the wagons so they don’t interfere instead of going flat out trying to keep neck in neck with their wagon? Or is it just because Rick is already off n running n they have to mount their horse that they r behind? But you can be assessed penalties if they do not cross the finish line within a certain frame of their wagon. How does that work? It seems they have to be x number of feet behind, how are penalties assigned is it like a 1 second penalty for ie x number of feet behind behind n 2 seconds for greater number of feet or time behind or something like that? Does the leader have to cross the finish line b4 the stove guy? What are the other penalties outsiders can incur? If they load the stove b4 the horn blows? And I think I have seen penalties if they don’t make their barrels whether going wide, missing or knocking down, how are those penalties assigned?

    In practicality on the track was it your outriders who caught the team when Rick was tossed from the Wagon at the Stampede? Is handling mishaps part of their job or does the track have wranglers on horseback following the pack that assist in those matters? Thanks for any light you can shed on the Behind the Wagon scene as you go into your final days!  Kari

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