Ponoka Stampede Day#1

Howdy All!

Monday and Tuesday were non race days here in Ponoka.  When we arrived Sunday evening, it was exciting driving into the grounds.  Some of the fans that were parked were standing by their units waiting, waving and watching as we pulled into our spots to begin our setup.  We’ve been coming here every year for over twenty some years.  It is one of the best Chuckwagon/Rodeo events around.  It’s a small town with BIG results.   People come from all parts of Canada and the United States to partake, whether competing or watching.  There are holiday trailers on wheels parked all over the town.

Rose Bush

Some Color at Home

Monday, Rick and I were up and at it  helping the kids with the chores, then headed north to Leduc, then swung by home for a few things. It was so good to be home and see the beautiful greenery.  The grass had just been cut, the flowers were all in bloom and the dog was happy to see us.  I wanted to sit down and stay awhile.

Ryker and Sue

My Little Man and Me

It was Tuesday before we got to see our 2nd grandbaby, Ryker.  My he had grown since we last saw him 3 weeks ago.  But he did remember us, so that made me feel real good.  And at 14 months he finally is beginning to walk.

Life is so much like that.  We must take baby steps first in order to make progress and achieve the big steps in life.  And when we do accomplish our goals, there is much celebration.

Rick in Wheel Barrow

Taking a Break

On Tuesday, the temperatures rose close to 30 degrees.  We were loving it so much, that the water fights began.  We all didn’t mind as it helped us to cool off.

Redneck and Sue


I had time to pop in to see our friend Redneck Barbie up in her loft at Bruce’s Tru Value Hardware Store.  There, she has lots of goodies for the ladies.  The line of clothes she carries is amazing, and my favorite, Joseph Ribkoff just kind of jumps out at me.  If you get a chance when you’re in Ponoka, drop in and say hi, you won’t be disappointed.  A little bit for everyone in that store.

Lucy and Sue


Tuesday was the start of the Ponoka Stampede 2017.  There were a few things going on, along with the rodeo slack and the evening performance, with a concert in the infield featuring the Band Diamond Reo.  I went up, along with my friend Lucy, daughter Kaylee, son Cody and Allie and a few others too.  It was time to let loose and have a bit of fun before our first race day of racing.  Those that attended weren’t disappointed.  The music was great and we all had a pretty good time.

Infield Panoramic

A Panoramic View From High Above the Infield

Rick and I scooted up into one of the Sky Boxes to meet up with some of our Sponsors and their clients before race time.  It was neat to see the view of the infield from so high above.


Ready to Roll

The air was cold, the skies were dark and cloudy and a bit of rain was falling off and on just before the races.  We all wore very warm clothing to keep from getting chilled.

Rick hooked Spirit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Sporty on the Left Wheel and Cowboy on the Right.  Beau was ridden tonight by Driver Dustin Gorst holding the lead team and Dean, a younger rookie rider throwing the stove and riding Stadium.  Rick was drawn the 2 barrel tonight.  The team started hard and got around the barrels just in ahead of fellow competitor Layne MacGillvray to steal the rail position.  Kurt Bensmiller came along side of Rick and the two of them dueled to reach the finish line first.  It was a pretty close call at the wire, but Kurt came first with a time of 1:14.68 with Rick only a hair or two behind with a time of 1:14.74.  So close!  We finished a respectable fifth on the day.

I think Grandmas Elsie needed to cheer just a little bit more next time to get us to the finish line first, don’t you think?   Love that good o’l soul.  Ricky’s number 1 fan I do beieve.

Looking forward to some warmer temperature tomorrow and Friday, parade day.  Oh and by the way, our mini chuckwagon missed its ride up to the grandstands tonight, so tomorrow, there will be 2 lucky recipients that will receive the coveted little wagon.  So if you’re able to attend tomorrows racing, be ready as you might be the lucky one or two.

Until Tomorrow,

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”



P.S.  Do what makes you happy,  be with those who make you smile, and laugh as much as you breathe.




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    • Hi Kate
      Can’t say enough how Duncan is enjoying our Chuckwagon way.
      Sounds like you would like to be here too.

  1. Hi Sue ran into some friends last night who you hosted after the races Saturday night in High River they raved about you both. Good luck up there. Ralph

    • Hi Ralph
      Yes I think I know the ones, great people. Had a good run last night, so glad the rain held off. Was cold though.

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