Ponoka Stampede Day#2

Howdy All!

After the windy, cold day yesterday, today was a very nice and welcomed warm day.  Rick and I were up and at it early, fed the morning oats, then walked over to have a breakfast date at the hitching post for 6 am.  With only 1 other patron in the restaurant, we enjoyed each others company chatting about our life on the road.


Morning Hook

Our son Cody is here in Ponoka lending us a helping hand.  We had to hook an outfit this morning and he was more than happy to drive the rig.  He sure loves to drive, and has a very natural talent within.


A Special Gift

This afternoon, my friends I met last year that follow my blog, arrived from Carstairs to say hello.  They brought me some lovely red and white flowers.  Yes, red is my favorite color.  What a pleasant surprise.  They will look lovely sitting on the table in my home on wheels.


On Great Big Bear Hug

Friends are always good to have, and Don Adams swung by to say hello.  Rick wasted no time in giving him a great big hug.  Don and his wife Sheila were sponsors for many years on our World Professional Chuckwagon Association.  They contributed so much to our Western Heritage Sport.


Flying High

While we are doing our thing,  many folks young and old alike take in the rides, food and games up in the Midway.   There is plenty to do and see here at this week-long Stampede in Ponoka, Alberta.


Passing By

There are many barn hands in each camp to make things work like clockwork.  Of the 36 drivers, there are 72 horses that have to be saddled, bridled and brought up into the infield each and every night for competition.  While the handlers await for they’re driver to come out, they get to watch the other heats go by.


Barrel 3 Practice Turn

Our barrel three outfit consisted of Jim on the Left Wheel, Law on the Right.  Nickel on the Left Lead, and Speedy on the Right.  Ed was ridden by Dustin and Dean rode Andy.  All four wagons came into the barrels.  One or two of the other Chuckwagons moved, then stopped.  Ours in turn, were ansy to go.  They moved ever so slightly just before the horn sounded.  The race of the four Chuckwagons was a crowd pleaser.  But when the dust settled, we were assessed a 1 second penalty for starting ahead of the horn.  Just a bit disappointing.  In this business, one can’t afford any penalties.  Having said that, there are still 2 more days of racing to get into the top four in the aggregate, for the dash and its doable.

One of my blog followers, Marilyn, asked how the World Point System worked in our association.  So, for every race that is ran, the drivers are ranked according to their time.  The fastest to the slowest, including penalties.  The fastest time of the day receives 36 points for that race, the second fastest receives 35, and so on, all the way to the last place driver receiving 1 point.  Or if an outfit for some reason does not race due to equipment problems, let say, and receives a no time, he will not be awarded any points.  Points are then accumulated after each race for each driver.  There is also aggregate points awarded which after a four-day show, as in High River,  if you are first, you receive 36 points.  Rick ended up fourth in the show, so he was awarded 33 points to all his points that he earned for each race day there.  At the end of the season, the driver with the most points is declared the World Chuckwagon Champion.  Thank you for asking Marilyn, and I hope this clarifies it for you.


One Happy Little Man

After the races and the chores were complete, this little guy came to us to say thank you for the mini chuckwagon that he received after the race in the grandstands from Rick.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  We couldn’t let him go back empty-handed, so we also filled the Chuckwagon with candy to boot.


Strong and Free

Canada is getting excited as we are celebrating all over our country, its 150th birthday.  There are plenty of things planned right here in Ponoka as well as in many other communities and cities across our great nation.  I am very proud to be a Canadian, born and raised right here in Alberta.  Freedom is such a gift.  On July 1st, is the day of celebration.  If you are Canadian, do take time to reflect and say “Thank you” for the freedom that you have.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”



P.S.  One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change.

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  1. Thanks Sue. I had not known about the points for the 4 day aggregate score. It just makes following the chucks a little more interesting.

    Go Team 23 Go!!!!

  2. I look forward each night to catch up with your race day. Race well on Canada’s “150th” I’ll be looking forward to your post.

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