Calgary Stampede 2017 Day #5

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends!

The Rain continued through the night and into the morning.  We were pretty unsure at coffee time, if we would be racing in the evening.  It didn’t look to promising.  Chores went down as usual, they just started a bit later as everyone was procrastinating getting going.  The coffee and baileys was going down good.

While the crew finished up the chores at the barn across the river, Rick and I scooted off to the childrens hospital for our annual visit with the kids.  We took along fellow chuckwagon driver Cliff Cunningham and his wife Wendy.   Trick Rider Paynton Bensmiller and outrider Eathon Motowylo.


Group Photo

When we arrive, Sandy our coordinator greets us and then takes us to the different wards to visit with the children, chat about the Calgary Stampede and Chuckwagon Racing along with Paynton’s trick riding.


A Happy Young Gal

We never know who we are going to see when we are there.  Some of the wards we visit are the day wards, the mental ward, and longer term wards.  Many of the children we met were excited to hear about what we do, and had many questions about the horses and such.


A Ray of Sunshine

All these kids leave us with smiles on our faces and warm fuzzies in our heart.  Even though they have health issues that bring them into the hospital, they all seem to see the brighter side of things.  Every single time that we have come here to visit, we always leave more fulfilled with a new meaning on life.  So many of our worries and concerns are put into perspective in a real big hurry.

Once we arrived back to the barns at 1 pm, it was straight away to the grocery store.  When I arrived,  I realized my wallet was not in my purse.  Grrrrrr!!!  I had to drive back to the trailer, pick up my wallet, and head back to the grocery store.  Having that little mistake, I knew that a nap for me was out of the question.


The Same but Only Differrent

Our daughter Kaylee and grandson Ryker came back today from home.  We got them to bring the mini Chuckwagon for Ryker to ride in.  It is alway a big it around the camps.


Heavy on One

When they finally decided what they were going to do with the rain cancellation last night, a new barrel draw was made up.   In the 7th heat, Rick got the 1 barrel, Evan Salmond was on 2, Cousin Troy Dorchester was on 3 and Doug Irvine was on 4.   The hook tonight was Spirit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Sporty on the Left Wheel and Barcardi on the Right.  Because of the redraw, we lost Dustin Gorst as our outrider.


David Bensmiller

So we put David Bensmiller up front holding the leaders with Stadium, and then hired Ryan MacNeill to throw the stove with Andy.


Ryan MacNeill

The chuckwagon track committee got the infield and track prepared for the races.  The infield around the barrels on one was quite deep.  When Rick drove in, I could tell the horses were ready to run.  They didn’t stand very long, and the horn sounded.  His barrel turn was clean and when he turned the bottom to come to the track, Doug Irvine had already managed to get to the rail.  Unfortunately for Doug, he knocked 2 of his barrels. The race continued and Rick managed to get to the front of the pack, keep the lead and cross the finish line first.  Our race time was tied for 3/4th split with Chanse Vigen.  When all the times were tallied, we are sitting 4th in the aggregate of the Calgary Stampede.


Back Behind the Chutes

The kids, as I said yesterday are a huge part of our Chuckwagon group.  Here, Doug Irvine’s boy and Mitch Sutherlands were having fun between the heats.  Baby Ryker was taking it all in.  He’s walking  a bit, assisted, and it won’t be long before he’s running and joining in will all those boys.



I just couldn’t resist putting up this one awesome picture of my grandson.  It just makes me smile and thank God for all the little wee ones.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Let the little children be, cause they’re only that way for a little while

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  1. I love to read your blog, Sue. Thanks so much for spending the late nights to write it. We can’t be at the races in person but do our very best to never miss watching on TV every night. Even rushed home from Cowboy Church last night to catch them. What a race in such soft track conditions. Way to go Team 23.

  2. what an awesome run last night, i get so nervous when his heat comes up I can just imagine how you feel. Love the picture of the two wagons, you should put that one on Facebook so i can share it. As soon as my coffee is ready in the morning i sit in front of the computer the read your blog. Good luck for the rest of the week, will be watching every night at the race track. Hope to see you soon my beautiful friend.
    Jo and Jimmy

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