Medicine Hat: Night Three (June 13)

Today was Saturday! One of the best days of the week. For one, it was farmers’ market at the hall next door. And two, garage sales were on the menu! I stocked up on fresh eggs and vegetables, and refrained from buying any sweet goodies. Then my friend Lucy and I headed out on the town to sniff out all the great deals at the garage sales. And deals we found! A few clothes, a brand new water hose for my trailer, a Star Wars costume for my grandson Coy, a purse, a few movies and a great deal of $40 on a Sirius Satellite radio so we can hear the races at the barn. Yippee!!

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The kids were very efficient today getting the afternoon chores done. Cody and Allie showed up last night for the weekend to help, and Kyle, a local friend, pitched in too. Just relieves me from the barn to cook some supper and head with Rick to a tailgate party to meet some folks and sign some posters. Life on the road with all the kids is never boring. They make us chuckle. Ohhhh to be kids again.

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While at the tailgate party, we got to meet the local royalty and have our photo taken together. Great gals! After the races we were greeted by our some of our favourite young ladies from Medicine Hat, some of Rick’s biggest fans, Kathalina and Juliana. Love their smiles. Tonight the little wagon Rick handed out was given to a grade 12 student named Brittany. She came back to the barn to say thank you. What a firm handshake that girl has. Rick was impressed and so was I.

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Tonight’s race off barrel 3 was interesting. Left Wheeler Duba was hard to hold. He wanted to go. As you can see, just as the horn sounded, he reared up. Air on Left Leader, Ranger on Right Leader, Duba on Left Wheeler and Ernie on Right Wheeler were the hook. Bingo and Stadium both went again, and Chanse rode Bingo and we had Cole go tonight on Stadium. Cole is a new outrider. We are working him into the Team and he’s doing great.

With Medicine Hat being a short track, if you don’t get out first you usually come in last. That’s how we ended up today but we still posted a 14th on the day. So we’ll take that.

The past should be left in the past or it can steal your future. Live life for what tomorrow can bring and not what yesterday has taken away. Every day is a gift.

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  1. Thanks Sue for sharing your journey. Love the sayings at the end – sometimes they really speak to one’s heart!! Good luck in MHat hopefully we will see you in HR one night. Lynn

  2. Glad to here that horses & people were not injured in the wind storm, I enjoy being able to follow as the season of racing progresses. Ivan

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