Setting Up in Ponoka

We got all settled here in Ponoka. Yesterday was more of a laidback day. Coy, Denver Harden and I zipped over to the laundromat across the road with my two baskets full of dirty laundry. This is one job I wanted to get done and over with for the week.

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We were all very tired from Sunday’s racing, traveling and setting up. That sure makes for a long day for us all. I had to have a sleep yesterday, as I was so tuckered out. Managed about 45 minutes worth.

Once the chores were done, and supper made and served, I headed to bed for a full night’s sleep. It sure felt good to get that in.

We all made it to the barn for chores this morning, and a beautiful morning it was. I made breakfast wraps for the crew, while they helped the Harden barn hook a couple of outfits.

When that was all finished, I tucked myself into the trailer, pulled out my “To Do” file and conquered all the bills and accounting stuff that never goes away. I enjoy doing it but I also don’t like to miss anything going on at the barn. I tend to pick a day and catch up on all of it so it doesn’t need to be looked at for another week.

I just about had it all finished when a text came saying a storm was rolling in. Out to the barn I went to help the girls cover up the straw and hay, secure the barn walls down and get the ponies in under cover. Well, the horses didn’t quite make it in, as the hail came hard and fast, and it hurt!

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We waited until it lightened up and then scurried on out to their rescue. Once we were under cover, the rain and hail came again even a bit harder. We were soaked and cold. The storm must have lasted at least 45 minutes. We jumped into the truck and put the heater on full blast to warm us up. rls suggested a trip to the local Wendy’s drive-through for a bite to eat as they were starving…so they said. But I know how it goes: If you feed them they will work. Always a method to the madness.

Rick missed all the excitement as he had to take a few of the ponies to visit the horse doctor. He made it back once the rain had stopped and the chores were completed.

Some great news for all you fans. Chuckwagon Radio Network is partnering up with AM 700 The Light to broadcast the races of the 2015 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby. How exciting is that? I have attached the announcement for you all to read at the bottom of this blog entry.

Another update: I will be discontinuing sending out the blog entries as full email messages in the near future. I wouldn’t want any of you to not get my blog anymore. Make sure to sign up as a follower if you haven’t already. You can even sign up to get a short email alert every time I post a new entry.

Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 19, 2015 Chuckwagon Radio Network Ltd.

Since 2002, the Chuckwagon Radio Network Ltd. has been a proud broadcaster of the Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby and the tradition continues on radio and now on AM 700 The Light.

The CRN is excited to be working with AM 700 The Light to bring our listeners the best coverage of the world famous Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby.

Our on-air radio broadcast crew consists of Veteran Broadcast Announcer Dan Butler, Co-Host, Russ Peak, Co-Host/Color, Analyst Billy Melville & Arnie Jackson, Statistician Norm Braybrook, Analyst John Kennedy, Roving Reporter Kim Tournier, and Calgary Stampede Track Announcer Les McIntyre.

This growing exposure of the sport of Chuckwagon Racing is very exciting, and the Chuckwagon Radio Network looks forward to this great opportunity to reach listeners in Calgary an surrounding area on this new station.

We would like to thank Touch Canada Broadcasting, Calgary Stampede, JSA Sports Network and the WPCA for their support of our program and we look forward to working with our new broadcast partner in the future.

Join us starting July 3rd through the 12th nightly at 7:30pm on AM 700 The Light for this year’s broadcast of the GMC Rangeland Derby from the Chuckwagon Radio Network.

For More Information:
Jamie Tiessen, CEO
Chuckwagon Radio Network Ltd.
Phone: 403-333-8800

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