Ponoka: Night One (June 26)

WOW! Where do I start! There are so many stories I would like to tell. Only a few days have gone by since I posted on the blog and we have been busy since.

Our home is only a short 30 minutes from the Ponoka grounds, and that can be good or bad, whichever way we want to look at it. It’s almost better to be far away from home when we are racing. Being this close causes us to make trips home for things that we may have forgotten and think we need, thus spending a lot of time traveling and away from the barn, missing out on the afternoon nap.

Yet I was very excited to be home for even just a few minutes to enjoy all my lovely planters that my daughter Amy did up for me. She’s got the knack and totally enjoys it.

crop 20150624_143458[2]

crop 20150624_144210[2]

I was treated to an appointment with my hairstylist Tisha in Wetaskiwin. It was time to cover up those silver slim strings that are atop my head. It always feels so good when I depart from there. She does a great job.

But I have to tell you a neat story connected with this day. Before I left my trailer that day, my gut told me to take along a $25 gift card that we were given by our new friend Chantele in Saskatoon, whom we met while we were there racing. It was a thank you gift to go have lunch or something while on the road.

After I got into my vehicle, I noticed a gal in the car parked facing me. Through her body language, she looked somewhat agitated and frustrated. I sensed that I needed to go give her this gift card.

I got out, walked to the window and asked if she was okay. She replied she was and she let me know she was waiting for her sister who was in an appointment, she had a wee one in the back seat, her boyfriend was looking for work and she was expecting a child. I handed her the $25 gift card and asked if she would take it. She was elated and said, “You just made my day!” I replied, “No! You just made my day by accepting this gift.” And away I went.

It felt good to pay it forward. It was meant to be.

Well, it was Parade Day in Ponoka, and Amy brought in her little mini for Coy to drive with his wagon and do a little advertising for her dog grooming business. It sure looked cute with her nicely cleaned puppies, the shiny wagon and the Overacker clan who came along to hand out candies and business cards.

crop DSC_8387[2]

crop 20150626_082424[2]

It’s always neat to see the other entries and I was totally smitten with this cute little Native gal who won first in her category.

crop DSC_8406[2]

And you can’t have a parade without some members of our Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Don’t they look sharp?

crop DSC_8403[2]

Shortly after the parade, Rick and I were off to Bruce’s Tru Hardware in downtown Ponoka with Chad Harden and crew for the guys to meet and sign posters for the customers. This is the greatest store around. Mary Lynn, a.k.a. “Red Neck Barbie,” and Bruce have more inventory in there than you can imagine. If you need it they pretty much have it, from hardware to clothes, from giftware to food, from toys to plants, just to name a few. They are even carrying WPCA merchandise so when you have a moment go check them out.

I am very fortunate to call Mary Lynn my friend. She has the most giving heart I know. She has helped so many people in need, and continues to do so pretty much each and every day as you’ll see in the photo and article about Hope, a young lady with cancer, having some fun time with Mary Lynn.

crop IMG_2006[1]

crop unnamed

Because Mary Lynn has been so good to so many, Rick and I gifted her with her very own “Team 23” pink pitchfork.

crop 20150621_114159[2]

She loved it! Unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever get dirty but that’s okay, as she’s going to keep it on display at the store.

We are always so excited to be here in Ponoka. It’s such a fun Stampede with so many people from all over the province and from far away, coming to camp for six days or more. It’s one big camping party all coming together to watch some rodeo and chuckwagon events as well as take in some local activities too.

The crowd was pretty good tonight despite the lovely hot weather we had. It’s a cooker. Love it!

Rick and his team of Speedy on Left Lead, Nickle on Right Lead, Sneakers on Left Wheel and Law on Right Wheel were off the number 3 barrel tonight. Cole held leaders with Ace and Dustin threw stove with Andy.

Rick Fraser Team 23

The team started but didn’t come to the track quite as hard as Rick was expecting. On the inside of him was Evan Salmond on 1, Kelly Sutherland on 2 and then Chad Harden on 3. Evan was a speedster and took day money. We managed 12th for the evening, which is pretty good.

crop DSC_8439[2]

I’m thinking tomorrow will be another scorcher again. Bring on the popsicles and water guns!

I’ve learned…that just one person saying to me, “You’ve made my day!” makes my day.

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  1. And I thought I was busy when we raced wagons. You go girl. Thanks again for inviting me to the gala CHICKS for Charity event It made my birthday very special to spend it with Amy and you. You are the best ever.

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