Ponoka: Night Two (June 27)

So here’s the deal…today was so busy!!! Rick and I arose around 5:45am. He scooted out to feed the horses before we hooked them. I put the coffee percolator on and then prepared myself for the day. Out to the barn I went, with coffee carafes in hand. The girls and Cody were ready to harness and hook.

Track time here is from 6am to 8am. So if one is going to take advantage of the two-hour window, you better be organized. You see, the track is a ways from all the barns. It takes time to go up the chutes, do your practice run and then return. And if you want some of the outriding horses exercised that uses up quite a bit of time too.

We managed to get the one hook in and send out a few outriding horses. Once the hook was done, I raced back to the trailer to make up some yummy breakfast wraps for the crew before I departed over to the Stage Coach Saloon for the Chicks for Charity Champagne Breakfast. A group of local ladies here put on a breakfast with auction items, goodies and a wonderful breakfast to raise money for charities. It’s such a treat to attend.

Just before it wrapped up, I snuck out next door to the infield to partake in the Special Needs Rodeo. Rick and I have been volunteering with this rodeo since it started quite a few years back. We now have many of the chuckwagon drivers and outriders come and pair up with the 25 children who sign up to attend. These kids range in ages and have some type of disability.

This is such a heart-warming time for us to share with them, these two hours to just go out and have some fun. The organizers put stations together that mimic the rodeo and chuckwagon events, along with animals to pet. An awesome turnout for all.

Rick Fraser

Ponoka Special Needs Rodeo

Ponoka Special Needs Rodeo

Ponoka Special Needs Rodeo

Ponoka Special Needs Rodeo

Ponoka Special Needs Rodeo

Ponoka Special Needs Rodeo

crop IMG_0673

crop IMG_0665

Special Needs Rodeo

crop IMG_0646

crop IMG_0653

crop IMG_0650

Once that rodeo wrapped up, Rick headed over to the legion to attend a WPCA board meeting. I went the other way and quickly popped into the grocery store to pick up some ice and water to replenish the coolers. I did that job back at the barn, then jumped on my bicycle with a gift in hand and scooted over to a neighbour’s trailer to celebrate little Rose Salmond birth at a baby shower. Evan, another chuckwagon driver, and his wife Adrian are thrilled to be sporting their first bundle of joy. I was lucky enough to be able to hold that little bundle for a few minutes, before heading back to camp.

I decided it was “me” time and I laid my head down for a nap, but not until I put my earplugs in and my headphones over my ears. I’m not really sure that I slept, but I do know that I rested. I’m not the greatest napper whatsoever. The next thing I knew, it was 4:10 and time to get the supper put into the crockpot and head back out for chores. The crew is doing very well looking after things, so pretty much everything was covered.

Tonight’s hook was the same as last night: Speedy, Nickle, Sneakers, and Law, with Andy and Ace as the outriding horses. Cole and Dustin tended to them, doing a fine job.

When the horn blew, all four wagons went. Rick was wide but then pulled in behind the other three wagons. Coming down the home stretch he got an opening and went wide, catching the others at the finish line. What a great crowd-pleasing finish. This race gave us 10th on the day, and lands us 10th in the aggregate.

I am happy to have a couple of helpers bring the outriding horses up to the infield with me.  Allie and Candice take my job right over, I just need to be there.

crop DSC_8463[2] crop DSC_8473[2]

After the races, we get a lot of visitors from friends, wagon kids and sponsors. Tonight Rick must not have gotten enough driving in the real race. He hooked up the mini and went for a spin. Just a bit slower pace.

Rick Fraser Team 23

I think we might have a few new fans, as I got them sporting Team 23 T-shirts. Do you think competitor grampa John Walters will like his grandkids’ new shirts?

Team 23 fans

Looking forward to another warm day tomorrow. Hopefully just not quite as busy.

Today, dream the dream you haven’t yet allowed yourself to consider. The one that seems unrealistic, unreachable or even insane. Tomorrow, take the first step toward making it happen.

4 thoughts on “Ponoka: Night Two (June 27)

  1. Always love to read about your day. Makes me miss everyone and the work as well. Hope to see you maybe in Calgary with the taller me. LOL.

  2. Sue, love your blog. Especially your daily, positive thought at the end. Good luck to Team 23. (Wagon fan since 1960!) Yes that year is correct. LOL.

  3. Sue, thank you for doing your blog. I just started reading your blog this season. I am a Stampede Volunteer and have been a fan of Rick’s for many years. I have known Chad & Dori since Chad first became on to the Chuckwagon through a mutual friend. I hope you don’t mind that I am going to share your blog with my Facebook friends. Some have never been to a race and other are like me avid fans. Looking forward to seeing Rick in 5 more sleeps… lol Stampede is like Christmas to me, hopefully I will run into the 2 of you.

    • Hello there
      Thanks for your the note. So glad you enjoy the chuckwagons. We always look forward to the Calgary Stampede. Its great to be there.
      If you have time, please come by the barn to say hello. We’d love to meet you.
      And yes, please do share my blog with your facebook friends.
      Catch you down the trail.


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