Calgary: Night Six (July 8)

You know, I never really know what day it is when we are on the road. It is either a race day or a non-race day. Today I had to ask someone what day it really was. Yes, it is Wednesday although I thought it was Thursday. Not sure why.

Team 23 was a bit slow getting to the barn this morning so barn chores began just a little bit later than normal. This was just fine, as it was a beautiful morning to sit and visit. Coffee and Baileys is the main beverage poured, along with the delicious banana bread that Allie’s mom Penny and Maxine so graciously provided for our crew. It was delicious—thank you!!!

I need to mention that here in Calgary we have hired a caterer to supply us with our evening meals. This is such a treat for me, as it has relieved me of cooking for 10 and gives me the opportunity to be there for chores and/or tend to the barn tours that come by in the evening. Tonight the caterer brought us rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies and salad. Love it!

crop DSC_8963[2]

There are so many people who have never been near a horse or seen a chuckwagon race. The Calgary Stampede often brings in groups of people to come to our barns for tours. We always oblige and let them know the heritage that comes along with our lifestyle. Tonight we had some folks from Alberta, Arizona and Vancouver. Rick gave them a tour of the barn. They were all so interested in what we do. We often take our lifestyle for granted but yet we are so eager to share our love of the lifestyle we live.

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Rick and I were excited for today, as our daughter Amy and our five-year-old grandson Coy arrived to spend the rest of the week with us. Coy AKA Batman had called to get me to come and enjoy the fireworks together. This is just what I did. And boy, were they good to watch.

crop 20150709_130902[1]

Today Rick and I went out onto the midway to see what we could see. We decided to take some candid shots. Marilyn Munroe was there so Rick had to pose with her.

crop 20150708_122550[2]

We found some coke bottles with Cowboy and Cowgirl on them and posed with them. Boy, it sure is hard to find an English-speaking person to take the photo.

crop 20150708_122831[2]

Once we got that all done, Rick decided to purchase some tickets to win the beautiful red Corvette. Wouldn’t we look good driving that baby down the highway at Mach speed?

crop 20150708_123533[2]

We are happy to have Amy and Coy here. Coy loves to play with Emma, Shauna’s daughter. They were so happy to play together.

crop DSC_9042[2]

crop DSC_9044[2]

Tonight’s hook was comprised of Spirit on Left Lead, Ranger on Right Lead, Left Wheel for Vegas and Right Wheel for Law. Cole rode Beau and Chance Flad rode Trixter. Rick was off barrel 2, and boy did they tear out of there, so good that Rick beat Luke out and he was on barrel 1. We were so excited to have placed third on the day.

I have more stories to tell but they will have to wait until tomorrow, as I’m falling asleep at the computer. NOT COOL!

Let your smile change the world. But don’t let the world change your smile.

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  1. Howdy gang
    Are you getting tired yet
    Seen Kim T this morn
    She looks tired
    Nice run for Rick last night
    Great heat
    LOL Steve & Lynn

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