Calgary: Night Seven (July 9)

I’m much like many of you. When I get up in the morning, one of the first things I do is read my morning blog just to see that I got things right. This morning, I chuckled at some of my message. The crew all had a good laugh at some of my sentences and wording.

At the time of writing, I was so tired and I also had had a few glasses of wine. So…when it came time to sit down to put things together, I thought in my mind things flowed quite well.  When I mentioned who was outriding, I did name Cole properly but for Chance Flad I wrote “handsome tan”! Not sure how I got that. Just a tad bit embarrassed. Oh well, you can all chuckle with me because Team 23 and I had a good laugh too.

We are so fortunate to live in a free country. I don’t think most of us really understand how good we have it. Every night, before the night show begins, the band plays “O Canada,” a singer leads us, and we all stand and remove cover. A helicopter circles over with a Canadian flag hanging below. What a cool sight. This gives me the chills but makes me proud even more.

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Yesterday I received an unexpected, thoughtful and beautiful gift from a lady I do not even know. But what I do know of her is she’s a friend of a relative and she receives my blog, sends it on to others, and is a huge fan of chuckwagon racing and Team 23. The gift was just a little something-something to keep a gal looking and feeling good. What a nice gesture you did for me, Dianne. I thank you so much. Sharing with you and others of my summertime journey has touched me in many ways when I hear feedback from all of you. This instance is just one of them.

I have to share another feel-good story. We were in Strathmore the other year. A lady came knocking at our door. I did not know the lady but she was friend of a friend who passed my adventures along. This lady wanted to personally meet me and thank me for all my writing. She particularly enjoyed my P.S. sayings at the end of the blog.

She proceeded to tell me this had helped her to get through some rough waters, for she had just lost a child in the previous year. WOW! My heart hurt for her. I couldn’t imagine. But what I did learn from this is when your gut feeling tells you to do something…DO IT! It could change another’s life sometime down the road without even knowing it.

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It takes a team to do what we do. And I enjoy taking and sharing photos of all the crew doing what they do best. They make it happen around our camp. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to sneak on out and join our sponsors in their suite to enjoy and watch the last half of the races. What a treat that was.

Rick Fraser Team 23

Rick Fraser Team 23

Rick Fraser Team 23

Rick Fraser Team 23

Rick and Sue Fraser

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Today was another exceptionally warm day. Hit the 30s, I’m sure. Not to worry, the ponies are well taken care of. Once the chores were all done, we brought out the two big fans that we brought from home and got them going in the barn to get the air flowing. We then kept the cement sprinkled with water, which also helps keep the temperature down. They love it and rest for the better part of the afternoon.

Tonight Rick was off the 3 barrel, which is shorter than the 1 and 2. The team that he decided to hook on this short barrel was Speedy on the Left Lead, Nickle on the Right Lead, Sneakers on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel. Cole rode Ace and Chance Flad rode Andy.

Rick had a great start and a pretty good run with the team. As a matter of fact, it was the where day money was won.

Once we returned to the back of the barns, we got news that they hung us with a one-second penalty for interference. Rick said as they were rounding turns 1 and 2, Luke and Rick’s wagon touched hubs. That’s it…that’s all. We just don’t understand the judging calls sometimes.

Onward and upward for a better run tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Calgary: Night Seven (July 9)

  1. Love your blog, Sue. I also love the inspirational sayings you have at the end. They are just what a person needs to see at times. Team 23 are special people and horses. We don’t get to see you in person often but watch every race that is televised. Good luck with the rest of your racing season. I worked with Rick’s cousin, Robin for 15 years before I retired and he treated me to one of your posters that I hung in my office for many years.

  2. We also really enjoy the stories on the road – reading each morning. Thank you for making us all that follow you feel like we are there on the road and racetrack. Great to see the good runs the last couple of days for you, Troy, Chad and Obrey.
    Cheering you on from home….
    Logan and I love the way you write and all the pictures. Good luck for day money.

  3. Thought I too should drop a line after reading your blog. Enjoy your daily emails especially right now. Had a mishap while horseback riding on June 21st so am limited in my activities due to surgery and no weight bearing. Watching the Stampede rodeo and chucks on TSN is one of things I am enjoying these days. Keep up the good work and remember we are cheering for you.

  4. Love reading your blogs every morning 😊. We are watching every night on Sports Net, hoping everyone makes it through these long busy days.

  5. I know the Diane that bought you the gift. So like her. She passes your blog to me on Vancouver Island. I love them

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