Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #1

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends!

The Biggest Outdoor Show on Earth has arrived!!!  We are very excited to be competing here in Calgary.  We arrived here on Wednesday, a short 2 hour drive south of Ponoka.  Calgary is also called Cow Town by some.  It sits in the southern part of Alberta just east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  And what a view we have out west on clear blue skies.  It’s just like heaven.

The last 2 days have been busy settling in, painting up the wagon,  hooking some horses, attending venues and having some fun.  Every drivers outfit utilizes the barn facilities here on the grounds.  We stall next to cousin Troy Dorchester.  So we share coffee and stories in the mornings and maybe a glass of wine at night.


Alberta Paralympic Ski Team, Spencer, Trinity, Rick and Oide

Rick attended the Children’s Hospital parade on Thursday, and met these fine young men.  He invited them to come on back to the barns and see the Chuckwagon, meet the horses and take a photo or two.  Rick couldn’t say enough about what nice young men they were.  They are our heroes, continuing life as there is no tomorrow despite the physical disabilities they have.


Wagon Pole Inspection

Safety is important, and once the wagons arrive, they are weighed and inspected.  Here, these gentleman inspect the pole for any weaknesses in the metal.  We got the green light on it all. The wagon must weigh minimum 1325 lbs with the wagon driver included.  Rick“s was 1328 lbs.


The Maverick Crew

This year we are excited to be sponsored by the Mavericks.  They are a great bunch of guys that have been supporting Chuckwagons for some time, with their main goal is raising funds for charities as well.  A fantastic way to have fun and helping others along the way.

Friday is the start of Stampede, and it has a great Parade with many colorful entries.  Cousin Troy and son Conner, drove their wagon in the parade today.  The colorful Native Horse Riders went by and I stood and admired them.  The costumes are so amazingly beautiful.  Such hard work and talent goes into putting those outfits together.

Night #1 and the house was nearly full!  A very good crowd. Even retired veteran chuckwagon driver Norm Cuthbertson and his wife Judy showed up to watch the excitement.

Rick hooked Nickel on the Left Lead, Speedy on the Righ Lead, Skippy on the Left Wheel and Law on the Right Wheel.  We hired David Bensmiller to hold our leaders riding Stadium and Cole Somerville threw stove with Andy.  We were seated in the 4th heat with Chanse Vigen on 1, Kirk Sutherland on 2, Rick on 3 and Chad Harden on 4 barrel.  I must admit, I had the first night butterfly’s.  Calgary races are always so exciting because its our biggest and best show of the year.  We want to be the best.  The teams came into position, and the horn sounded.  Our team started, Rick turned the top barrel so close, the barrel spun around and around!  Oh……….My……..Gosh!  I held my breath until I seen that it did not go down!  Thank goodness.  It was a very speedy heat, with Kirk winning by a bit with Rick coming 2nd. We posted a 5th on the day so our barn crew was happy with that.




From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Life is about moments.  Don’t wait for them, create them.




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  1. Trying to make it down too watch them live ! Was Good running last nite ,, little soft for my liking but that’s the way it goes ! Is fall off the wagon Paul down their maybe !!! Hahaha Good luck !

  2. Way to go team 23 on a great night’s run!!! See you tonight with some chocolate chip banana loaf!

    Shauna, Denver, Emma and ellie

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