Ponoka, Alberta Canada Day #6

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends


The Day has arrived!  Friends, fans and families were very excited for the four finalists in the 9th heat of The Tommy Dorchester Dash for Cash sponsored by longtime Chuckwagon supporters, Trailblazer RV.  Our family, was no different.  We all were so excited for our son Cody to have earned one of those coveted spots in the final four.

But before Cody’s heat could run, all other 8 heats raced for some dash money as well.  Rick was in the 6th heat on barrel four.  He hooked Skippy on the (LW), Law (RW), Nickel (LL) and Speedy (RL) with Chanse riding Astro holding leaders and Cole on Corn Whiskey throwing the stove.  Rick was ready, the horn sounded and away they went!  They shot out of the infield like a slingshot leaving the other wagons behind.  The horses ran so fast that Rick had to pull from the back stretch in  hopes that  the outriders could catch up so we wouldn’t be assessed for late outriders.  It worked and we posted a split of 2/3 on the day with a 1:15.01.  We won our heat, so it gave us a bit more cash to pay the bills.


All Set to Watch Cody

The crowd was a sell out, and heat nine was coming onto the track.  Everyone had their favorite wagon to cheer for.  We told our son “You have driven so well and are so fortunate to be in the final dash, and it’s just a bonus to win it.  As there are 32 others that would love to be in your place.”

It was a special day to have our friend Paul ride in the wagon with Cody.  You see, he has been involved with the 4 generations of the Dorchester family.  He started out when he was younger, helping Grandpa Tom, then Uncle Dallas Dorchester, then Rick and now Cody.  A very special feat.

Cody had his  friends and fellow driver competitors riding for him.  Chad Fike and Chanse Vigen.  Two of the best outriders ever.

Cody drew the best barrel to have, the #1.  He was ready, the fans were excited, the horn went and all four outfits started with a charge.  Cody had a beautiful top barrel turn, but unfortunately coming around, his right lead line dropped.  He was able to pick it up, but it got his driving out of rhythm, and he turned the bottom barrel just a wee bit to soon, taking it down.  Cody still ran a great race crossing the finish line first, but the 5 second penalty puts one behind.  He was very disappointed in the outcome, but what competitor wouldn’t be?  Rick and I relayed to him that despite the error, we are so proud of him and his accomplishment in making it to the finals.  And as a friend had said to me, Grandpa Tom maybe wanted Cody to learn he’s got the gift before he gets the gold.

Congratulations to Colt Cosgrave and Team on winning the 2016 Ponoka Stampede.

Something that has touched our hearts and made us feel pretty special, are all the wonderful comments from friends, Veteran Chuckwagon Drivers and fans that have been watching Cody with his driving skills, his professionalism, mannerism and his down to earth personality.  It confirms to us as parents, ………..we did okay.


A pretty excited Little Cowgirl

And to end our day, this little cowgirl was pretty excited to have caught the mini chuckwagon giveaway after our race.  She’s got plans for it.  Smiles all around.

Its been a Great Day!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Success is no Accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing.



3 thoughts on “Ponoka, Alberta Canada Day #6

  1. Congratulations Cody such a thrill for all involved to have made the finals .next time it will be penalty free.

  2. Cody did amazing! I love what you said Sue, about fine tuning your gift before the gold – perfect! What a great driver he already is, and of course he has the best teacher, and genetically gifted! Be proud Cody! Dad was really excited to hear you made the finals, what feat in itself! Good luck in Calgary Rick and Cody! (:

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