Ponoka, Alberta Canada Day #5

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Today was a very special day.  I got to spend the morning with my friend Deb, and enjoy an early ladies morning out at The Chicks for Charity Breakfast.


A Selfie with Deb


Chicks for Charity Auction

Another successful fundraiser!  These local ladies have done it again.  A sold out event, raising funds to help other women and children in various organizations in the surrounding communities.  One of the organizations benefiting from this is Stepping Stones in Ponoka.  It is a non-profit program out of Central Alberta Youth Unlimited.  Their mission is walk pregnant and parenting youth toward hope and success.  They build a community of peer support, create opportunities to develop essential life and parenting skills, and offer one on one support to young parents.This is a 100% privately funded program relying on the generosity of individuals, businesses, churches, foundations and community groups.

The Chicks have donated approximately $130,000.00 in the past four years to different organizations. Other such recipients of these funds have been Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the delivery program at the local hospital, the purchase of a state of the art fetal heart monitor and much more.

I have totally enjoyed attending this event for the past several years to help out just a little bit in a fun and exciting way.

If I could get up into a plane to take an aerial photo for you, I would.  These photos only give you a snippit view of all the RV’s that are attending the 2016 Ponoka Stampede.  They do it up right here.  When the Stampede comes to town, no one pays to park.  Its one big celebration with so much to do within a small community.  If you get a chance, you need to put this event down on your bucket list as you won’t be disappointed.


My girl and Me

Immediately after attending the breakfast, I shot over to the infield to help out at the Special Needs Rodeo put on year after year by some awesome folks.  There are 25 children that come and experience a morning of fun doing rodeo events and to get out there and meet some local cowboys and cowgirls.  Many of our Chuckwagon Drivers and outriders come on up and are paired up with the kids to go around to the different events. The smiles on these kids faces are amazing.  It brings me down to a level that  reminds me that the life we lead in the Chuckwagon World just does not mean so much as to the life and challenges these kids and their families endure every day.


Smiles All Around

Speaking with the parents of my little gal I paired up with, they shared just a little bit about their day to day life.  I tell you…………..her and her husband are amazing!  Just spending these couple of hours with them, I could sense how they have such love for their 4 children, 2 of which have special needs.  They go above and beyond to care for them, they love them unconditionally.  If society today was filled with all these kind of people, it would be a perfect world full of compassion and love.  They are my heroes!!!

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So the time came.  Race Day #5.  The day Cody raced to try to earn a spot in the Tommy Dorchester Dash for Cash.  I was, as was Rick, very excited for our son.  He  had drawn the  1 barrel, but had some pretty tough competition, Luke Tournier, Mark Sutherland and Obrey Motowylo.


Rick looks on in anticipation

Rick took a ring side position, to watch the race.  I was in the stands just a bit farther down. The horn had sounded and away the 4 Chuckwagons went.  Cody turned the top, fairly wide and safe, then had to check them hard to get around the bottom.  I was in panick mode for only a moment, then saw that he cleared it safely and away he went, with the inside rail position.

Cody won his race!  Rick and I were elated when we found out he will be in the dash tomorrow.


One proud Momma

And definitely one proud Dad!

Its pretty hard to top this for tonight, but Rick did race too.  Rick hooked Skippy (LW), Glory (RW) Spirit (LL) Spin (RL).  Cole rode Corn Whiskey throwing the stove and Chanse rode Astro.  Rick was off the 1 barrel as well. He had a great turn and won his race too, posting a 1:14.67 giving us a 2nd on the day.  Pretty good I’ll say.

After the races, we had so many friends come by to congratulate us on Cody’s great run.  This means the world to us.  And the best part of it all, was when Dace (fellow driver Doug Irvines daughter)  came over to give Rick a big o’l hug.  What a great kid!


Rick and Dace

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. Every child is gifted.  They just unwrap their packages at different times.




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  1. Your hearts must be filled with so much pride. We are just so excited for you. All your hard work is getting paid off. Congrats all around. <3

  2. Sue, Rick and Team 23
    I look forward everyday to read your blog. I love it. Ole’ Tommy was a great man and I can see that it has been passed down to Rick and now Cody. I am so happy for Cody!! For Rick and you as well !! I would wish you all good luck but I don’t think you’ll need it as Tommy will be right there beside Cody as he crossed that finish line. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Take care

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