Ponoka, Alberta Canada Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Another beautiful morning after the crazy tornado storm the day before.  It was so peaceful this morning when I got up at 5 am.


During morning chores the horses settled down nicely in the warm morning sunshine.  I could have laid right down beside them myself if I didn’t have a list of to do’s.

Rick and I, along with Cody and a few other drivers and members of the Association, headed to the local hardware store for 11 am to sign posters at Bruce’s Tru Value Store  and RedNeck Barbies loft. It  is the place to shop.  They have a little of everything there.  Lots of hardware, kitchen supplies, greenery and even clothing!  Mary Lynn, AKA , Red Neck Barbie was having fun with all of us and with all of the customers that were coming through too.


My Little Cowboy

I’ve been pretty happy that my new Grand Baby has been spending some time down here at the grounds.  A few cuddles here and a few cuddles there that I have gotten in. He’s just so darn cute!

Day # 4, was an important race for some of the top drivers.  After the races, the times were calculated to see who would be the top 8 chuckwagons over the last 4 days.  These outfits would be in a competition of their own to win the 2016 Ponoka Stampede on Sunday.  Cody raced a superb one coming off the four barrel.  He started hard and the horses charged to take the rail ahead of his competitors.  Cody had a running time of a 1:16.82 which was good for 9th on the day.  When the dust settled, Cody was sitting 2nd in the average which gives him a spot in Saturdays race to continue to hopefully race in the finals on Sunday.  How proud are Rick and I?  VERY!  Cody has driven very well here and its even a more exciting cause he is the only Rookie in the field of all 36 drivers. I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes theat he comes out on top both Saturday and Sunday.

Our crew on the wagon tonight, were Nickle (LL), Speedy (RL), Law (LW) and Trick (RW).  Beau was ridden by Cole holding the leaders and Chad rode Corn Whiskey throwing the stove.  All a very great line up!  Rick  was posted on the 4 barrel just like Cody.  When the horn sounded and he was rounding the top barrel, I was holding my breath, cause he had such a tight turn.  But Rick, being the awesome skinner he is, drove around it like a charm and away they went.  Coming down the home stretch, a hole was opened up for him, so Rick chawed and they started to go.  Unfortunately, the hole got closed in, Rick had to pull to hold the horses back.  Was a scary moment or two.  When all was said and done, the judges assessed our outfit with a 3 second penalty for interference.  We were not very happy about that as we seen it played out differently. In this sport, if a Chuckwagon Driver feels another outfit was in the wrong, and there are no penalties, they are allowed to, what we call, is a protest.  The judges are to review the films and decide what they think it should be.  Unfortunately, we lost our protest tonight setting us back to 33rd for the day and 21st in the average.  We are pretty proud of how the horses ran throughout the 4 days of racing.  They are looking really good going into the next big venue, The Calgary Stampede.  Rick has performed very well here with the horses and I’m very proud of him.


A proud little Fan Stops by

We like Ponoka, as the barn area is open to everyone to come on by and say hello.  This little fella was the lucky little one to receive the mini chuckwagon give-away.  He sure was excited and we have gained a new little follower to boot!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


2 thoughts on “Ponoka, Alberta Canada Day #4

  1. Cody, we are so excited and happy for you. I dreamt last night that I gave you a kiss for good luck.
    We are so pulling for you. And all the best to each one of you. Uncle Ted and Aunt Iris

  2. Still rooting for team 23 members and Cody of course. Great performances on and off the track. Protest decisions some times are hard to accept but for the good of the sport, good sportsmanship must prevail. Thank you for continuing to be great ambassador RICK!!!
    PS…. Gordie just stopped in for coffee and he sure is excited for Cory……

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