Ponoka, Alberta Canada Day #3

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

A busy day as usual but a good day.  We hooked an outfit as some of the horses that needed to be exercised.  Once that was complete, the crew got busy and completed all the chores.  I sent them up to the grandstand for breakfast, while I gathered up the laundry.  I timed it right, as it was parade day and the laundry mat was quiet.


Darkened Skies


Tornado in the Area

We had some rain come down during the day.  Nothing to continuous, but was cloudy pretty much most of the day.  During the afternoon chores, more threatening clouds were approaching from the north.  We could definitely see in the distance that something was coming.  Texts of concerns from friends were making sure we were okay, as a tornado watch was depicted in the Ponoka area.  And yes, we saw the tornado in the distance.  It didn’t touch down where we were, but we heard it did not to far from us.  Thank the Lord, we didn’t get any of it on the Ponoka Stampede grounds.  That could have been horrific.


A Quick Cat Nap

Before the races, and all is ready to roll, Rick took a few quiet moments to have a nap.  I guess his afternoon siesta didn’t happen.

There are always so many helpers needed in this Chuckwagon life we lead, and we are thankful for all that come to give a hand.  Amy our oldest daughter and Allie, Cody’s girl, brought up Cody’s outriding horses for the races.

This little guy, was visiting us up at the races.  I think it was for a reason.  Cody was fast as a bunny tonight in his heat and over the entire group, as he posted a Top Day Money Run! His first as a Rookie on the World Professional Chuckwagon Tour.  I tell you, Rick and I are so excited and proud of Cody on how well he is driving.  He looks good up in that box.  And we know full well his Great Grandpa Tom Dorchester would be too.

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A Day Money Run

The clock stopped at 1:15.01 when Cody crossed the finish line.  This puts Cody 3rd in the show overall.  He`s looking to stay in that top 8 in Fridays run to make it into the finals.


Cousin Troy Dorchester Comes by to Say Congrats




Rick hooked Spirit (LL), Spin (RL), Skippy (LW) and Glory (RW) with Stadium and Andy being rode by Cole and Chad.  We didn`t win the race, but posted a time of 1:16.03 good enough for 8th on the day and sitting 11th in the average.   With a clean fast run tonight, “Team 23“ has a chance to get into that top 8 for the first stage of the finals.



There is always time to enjoy our grandsons, and tonight we enjoyed having baby Ryker come to the barns and entertain us.  Grandchildren are such a blessing.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Look back in life and you`ll see that some of the best memories will be the simple moments spent with friends.




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