Ponoka, Alberta Day #2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

What a another beautiful day weather wise today.  Very warm and sunny.  I quickly shed my coat during morning chores as it was not needed. There were a few outfits from other camps that utilized the morning practice time.  We however, only sent out 1 outriding horse for exercise.  We keep a calendar of the days of horses that raced, ones that do a morning run and then calculate from there a schedule of days on and days off.  It is much like a human training regimen.  And with that comes proper feeding and care to get the full potential out of our equine animal.

Once the horses have been turned out into their pens at 7 am, they settle right down and enjoy the sand by many of them lying down and resting.  Once 10 am comes around, we put them back into their stalls in the barn, out of the sun, wind or rain to rest for the good part of the day.

Today was full of appointments for Rick and I, so the kids tended to the horses while we were away.


For Real……………A Zebra at the Ponoka Stampede!

Four 0 clock and we were back doing chores, and quickly as we had a sponsor meet and greet up in the infield Grandstand to attend before the races began.  Was good to see the folks from Crystal Kids there along with other local sponsors.  Back behind the grandstand, I spotted this zebra!  I’m not sure I have seen one in real life ever, but today I can say I have now.  I heard he is being used for an act of some sort during the rodeo performance.


An Ice Cream Treat on a Hot Day

While waiting for our heat to come, I treated myself to a most delicious ice cream treat ever!  And I never shared at all.  It was good.


Andy, patiently waiting

Cody, driving off the 2 barrel had a very good run tonight.  He had a running time of 1:15.80, good for 9th on the day.  This kid can drive!


Headin for Home

DSC_5046Heat #5 was the heat to be in tonight.  Mike Vigen ended up with a day money run, and a time of 1:14.75.  It’s always great to be in those heats, cause that means you tend to have a great time as well.  And Rick did!  4th on the day with a time of 1:15.14.  We hooked the same crew as last night. Skippy (LW), Glory (RW),Spirit (LL) Spin (RL) with Stadium and Andy being ridden by Cole and Chad.


Turning the Top

Rick got around the barrel nicely, and with this run, moves him up from 30th spot to 19th.

After the races, it gets busy around the barns.  All the camps are finishing up chores and preparing the horses with their clean stalls, feed and water for the night.  We were elated when Grandma Elsie showed up to say hello.  A true fan of “Team 23”.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

P.S.  Just because the process hurts, doesn’t mean the results won’t be beautiful.




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