Strathmore, Alberta Day #1

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Today was a hot and enjoyable day.  I love the heat and the sunshine.  The sunshine just seems to put people in a much better mood.


Early Morning Practice

Morning practices are early, so many barns are up and at it getting out onto the track with an outfit or two. This morning we had one hook, and Cody had two to go.

Our Calgary Stampede sponsors had a charity golf tournament back in June.  One of the items up for grabs was a ride in the chuckwagon with Rick.  Well Gary  was the proud recipient of the auction item, so we scheduled for it to take place here in Strathmore.  Gary was thrilled to the nines, as he got his moneys worth and more.  He got to go for two rides, one with Rick and one with Cody.   All went well, and he even got to assist in driving the team back to the barns.


A Night of Fun

Cody’s sponsor here, is a bunch of ladies that got together to buy a tarp, and they called themselves “Sweet Cheeks!”  Sounds like fun!!!  And fun they had, as they put on a fundraiser fashion show to raise some money.  Their extra cash is going to the local hospice.  What a great cause to support. Cody enjoyed being part of the evening escorting all the lovely ladies down the runway.

Night #1 of racing went well for most.  Not many penalties were assessed.  Cody was in the 3rd heat off the barrel 4.  I was back at our barn tending to our  outriding horses as we were in the next heat so I didn’t get to see him race.  Cody rolled just ahead of his barrel before the horn sounded, thus receiving a 1 second infraction to his time.  Despite that, he drove his team very well around the track.


Rick hooked Spirit (LL), Speedy (RL), Trick (LW) and Vegas (RW), with Stadium and Andy for outriding horses.  Chad Cosgrave and Cole were our outriders.  It was a penalty free heat with Rick coming off the 2 barrel.  He said they sure ran and performed well.  It was such a good close race with the other 3 wagons, that they called it the heat of the night.  Rick, Chad Fike and Jess Willard dualled for the lead pretty much all the way around the track, with Rick taking the win by a nose at the finish line with a 1:15.52, Chad a 1:15.55, Jess a 1:15:61, and Mitch a 1:16.41.  A crowd pleasing  race.  Our time positioned us 11th on the day.


Smiles All Around

What a great bunch of kids, excited to have received our mini chuckwagon giveaway tonight.  They looked like they were having a great time at the Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone.  Because often times, the one who flys solo has the strongest wings.





2 thoughts on “Strathmore, Alberta Day #1

  1. Are all tracks Exactly the same distance ie Strathmore, Bonneville, Calgary, Saskatoon, Dawson? So to compare Rick’s times trackwise from venue to venue, the only variable is track conditions dry, wet, wind, rain etc?

    • Hi Kari
      To answer your question about the track lengths, no not all tracks are the same.
      Grande Prairie, Saskatoon, High River, Ponoka, Bonnyville, Strathmore, Dawson, and Rocky Mountain House all have a distance of 5/8th of a mile.
      Medicine Hat is 1/2 mile with a track record of 1 minute. Calgary, since they downsized the track about 3 years ago is now just under 5/8th of a mile and just over 1/2 mile, so somewhere in between. A track record time on Calgary track is 1:09. On average, if the track is fast the outfits can be run in the 1:11 time. And of course you are right, time depends fully on the weather conditions and track maintenance.


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