Bonnyville Chuckwagon Races Day#3

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends!

As the days go by, I still never seem to get enough rest in.  We continue to try and catch up on some each day, from the hectic pace of the Ponoka Stampede, the Calgary Stampede and the Wedding.  Today at noon, I started in on getting the GST done for month end.  After about 20 minutes in, I knew I had to sleep instead.  It was a very good nap.

Today was a very low key day.  There is only a small window of time to do extra things during the morning and afternoon chores.  With having to hook up 2 teams instead of 1, changes up our chore time.  We start earlier in the day to get ready for the evenings performance.


A Much Needed Bath

Washing horses is something we do before the races and after.  This photo was taken by my friend Lucy’s cousin, Curtis Cameron.  He was wandering around the grounds the last two days and took some very amazing shots.  He does have a Facebook Page called Curtis Cameron Photography.  Check it out as a person can also order to purchase from him.


Proud to Be Doing What He Loves

Another shot from Curtis, as Rick stands proudly near his Chuckwagon he built almost 20 years ago.  It hardly seems that long ago.  I love how he’s in his rubber boots!  This was the day after the big rain storm that flew in, and the mud was still around the barns.


Awaiting to Start

My new camera has some pretty neat settings.  I have been trying different things and today I used a special effects mode.  It sure gives the photo a bit of a different outlook.  Here the outriders are waiting for the races to begin.


Taking the Rail

Our hook in the first heat consisted of Louie, Ranger, Air and King.   They turned and ran alright placing a 23rd on the day.  Some of them are a bit newer and have to get some more runs in them for experience. Even though having two outfits to prepare to compete is plenty more work,  it is a great way for training.



Our main “Team 23” horses tonight were Jim on the Left Wheel, Law on the Right.  Speedy on the Right Lead and Nickle on the Left.  Dustin Gorst held the leaders with Stadium tonight and Ethan threw stove with Andy.


Full Bore Ahead

Just as Rick got his team set and was waiting for the others to move into position, the team jumped just a wee bit, stopped and then the horn blew and away they went.  Nickle ended up being a bit crosswise when the horn blew, but they straightened out and made a pretty fine run for 5th on the day.  With that good run, we jumped all the way up into 14 in the aggregate.  Pretty good I must say.


Andy and Ethan


A Pack of Outriders

I love to see the outriders and their mounts go racing by.  They all have a bond with each and every horse.  The outriders share information about the horses with each other, as different riders may have to mount different horses, for different Chuckwagon Drivers.


From a Birds Eye View

I’m the one usually behind the lens taking photos.  But this time our President Ed with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association managed to capture me getting ready to take a few photos of Rick when he came into the infield.

Oh, and just a reminder, tomorrow is an early race day with the races beginning at 2:15PM rather than an evening performance.

Until Tomorrow

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. “Rest and self-care are so important.  When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”  Eleanor Brownn



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  1. Always enjoy reading your blog Sue. What camera are you now using. I see it is a Nikon your using you said it was a new one.

    • Hi Gary
      Yes, have a Nikon D5500. Still learning on it. Has many nice features. Very lightweight, but the zoom lens is heavy. Great for taking shots far away though.


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