Bonnyville Chuckwagon Races Day#4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

Well, another stop on the tour has come to an end.  We awoke to rain clouds this morning.  It intermittently opened up with rain on and off throughout the morning.  Sometimes a light rain, other times, more of a down pour.  It finally quite, around 11AM. The races were early today, beginning at 2:15 PM.  So there were no time for naps before the races began.


From the Box Up Above


The Man Behind the Mike

Here in Bonnyville, for the four day show, the Chuckwagon Races were called by Professional Rodeo & World Pro Chuckwagon Announcer and Auctioneer, Mr. Gary Gross. Gary hails from the area of Ponoka, Alberta.  He is no stranger to the world of Chuckwagons as he has been announcing a few of the venues for several years now.  You will also recognize his voice announcing the pony wagons at the Ponoka Stampede, as well as many rodeos across Alberta and abroad.   Gary continues to use his strong voice to inform and familiarize  the crowd with all aspects of our sport as each heat goes by.  Look him up on his Facebook Page, Gary J. Gross (Team Double G).  Gary will return to the announce our last venue which will be in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.


Headed to the Races

Each and every night, there are 72 outriding horses that compete in one evening.  Those 72 horses are cared for by many people from each camp.  Some are brought over by the outriders, barn hands, family members and friends.


Double Duty

Each and every one is important and has a special job to do.  They also have such interesting personalities just as the people do.


A Friendly Hello

Here, Seairra a helping hand at our barn, reunites for a hello to a horse that now resides in the Motowylo camp.  You see, this horse was previously owned by Chuckwagon Driver Layne Bremner.  Layne packed it in after the Ponoka Stampede and had an auction sale of all his horses and equipment.  For personal reasons, he decided it was time to move on.  All of his horses were purchased by fellow competitors and were given a new home. The horse continues to do what he loves, race behind a Chuckwagon rig.


The Practice Turn

Todays hook was Bacardi on the Left Lead, Sporty on the Right.  Spin on the Left Wheel and Cowboy on the Right.  Dustin Gorst held leaders with Beau and Ethan Motowylo threw the stove with Andy again.  These two are really bonding.  Rick had a great start and made a nice turn coming onto the track to get the rail.  As the running was a bit heavier on the rail, our time was a bit slower.  We ended up clocking a 1:23.68 which put us into 20th spot and 15th in the show overall.  The horses ran very well throughout the venue.  If you take away the downed barrel 5 second penalty, we would have been 2nd in the show.  It is important to look at that when assessing how things went overall for our team.


Talking Through the Lines

Our lead man is Dustin Gorst.  We appreciate him stepping up to hold our leaders as he is also a Chuckwagon Driver too.  He is a very talented outrider that continues to ride for his Dad, Gary Gorst, his brother, Logan Gorst and us, Rick and “Team 23”.


Chuckwagon Driver/Outrider

And when the dust settles, he welcomes his little one into his arms and becomes a daddy again back at the barns.  Family is where it’s at in our circle of life on the Chuckwagon Circuit.


And a Daddy Too

On the way back to the barns, little Brit, Chuckwagon Driver Doug Irvine’s son, handles one of their outriding horses.  He loves the horses so much that he gets right in there to help out any way he can.


Following the Footsteps of Dad

Yes, he’s still a kid, but the passion for the way of life runs deep.  He will one day be riding around the track too, then up into the wagon box as well.

We are off to southern Alberta tomorrow to the town of Strathmore for their Stampede which begins on Friday.  They host a rodeo in the afternoon with all 36 Chuckwagon Drivers in the evening.

Until next time

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Close some doors.  Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.



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