At Home on the Ranch Again

Its been eight days since we departed the big City Lights and headed back to the Ranch, just outside of Wetaskiwin AB.  Was a long time packing up, as we didn’t depart till 12 noon.  We were well on our way, and I was looking forward to getting home around the       5 – 6 pm mark.  Well that didn’t happen.


Thanks to the D.O.T. in my rear-view mirror.  I had to head back to the scales in Whitecourt and go over a few things on my big rig I was driving.  Just a little long in length, a seal cap needed replacement, and brake cable needed fixing.  Only 3 hours later and we were on our way again.  A big shout out to Rick’s cousin Robin and Maryanne Dorchester for coming to the rescue to help us with these minor matters.


When we finally did roll into home at 8:30 pm, we were greeted with a big happy smiling Grandson Coy and our daughter Amy.  We were of course happy to see them, but even more excited to see the beautiful art work of Amy’s!  She surprised us with her talent, of building us a wonderful and colorful flower garden just below our deck.  She sure worked hard at completing this, and we are very proud of her.  Flowers and greenhouses are her new love and I’m sure some day she will be making a few dollars doing this for hire.


With 2 weeks of laundry piled up from our Grande Prairie jaunt, I sorted it all out on the deck, loaded the washer and with the warm weather at home, utilized the line for drying.  When you can save a dollar or two, here and there, you better believe it, I’m gonna do it.  Plus the bonus of lined dried clothing and towels is the smell of the fresh air scent.


Baby Ryker

And of course, I could hardly wait to see the grand babies.  Well, the little one, Ryker, and 6 year old Coy too.  So much growing going on while we are away.

Coy was excited to show his Nana that his second tooth had come out.  The tooth fairy was good to him!


Relatives – The Kleins and The Mullers


A visit with Aunt Joyce 


Bruce and Rob telling stories

I was so thankful I took time out on Sunday, before departing for Saskatoon, to drop in at Aunt Joyce and Uncle Rob Mullers Cabin in the Westerose area, along with Bruce and Bonnie.   Was nice to sit, visit and enjoy a cup of camp coffee.  It is so peaceful out there.  Some day maybe Rick and I will get to do a little more of that too.IMG_3189[1]IMG_3191[1]

Before heading back on the chuckwagon trail, we enjoyed having the kids and a few friends and neighbors come over, to sit and enjoy our own backyard fire pit.  With the fire-bans lifted from all the rain our area received, it was a relaxing evening to say the least.  Smores and hotdogs were top of the list.


The liner back up and ready to roll

With the dark skies in the distance, it was time to head out of dodge as they say.  One more sleep and we’re on our way.

From The Travelin Trailer

Sue with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.



3 thoughts on “At Home on the Ranch Again

  1. Dear Sue and Family
    Good luck for Saskatoon, where we met you 3 years ago!!!! Lucky having known you!
    We are following your blog with great pleasure and nostalgia. We hope, that the weather will be nice. Here in switzerland we have stromy weather all the time, also with hail, destroying our nice flowers an everything that’s outside. Your daugther amy really is an artist of gardening!

    Daniella und Angelo from Switzerland

    • Hello My friends From Switzerland!
      Good to hear from you!!! Three years already? WoW! Time sure flies. And to think our paths met, from you just passing by and curious as to what was going on. Glad you stopped in to see.
      I hope your weather straightens out for you soon. Lovely sunshine and heat here.
      Take care and hello to you all.

  2. Hi Sue & Rick – I just unsubscribed from receiving email notifications – I always just go to your website and read your blogs so it’s not necessary to receive the email as well. As always, it’s nice to hear about life on the road. Good luck and hopefully we will see you in High River. Sharon & Todd >

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