Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #4


Howdy Chuckwagon Friends,

It is the day after.  The happenings of yesterday seem so surreal today.  For me, looking back, it seemed like it all took place in the blink of an eye.  But then I ask myself, did it really happen?  Did Rick really tip over the chuckwagon going over the bottom of 1 barrel?  Yes he really did.  And  only by the grace of God, is he and our horses fully fine with no injuries.

Rick and I watched this video together.  It was good to see in slow motion to assess what we thought had happened.  In the end, things worked out for the good.

Today is a time for rebuilding of the wagon.  And rebuilt it will be.  A few of the other competitors have offered their chuckwagons if need be.  How good is that?

As I wrote my blog  last night in the quietness of my trailer, I heard a snap that came from the back bathroom just outside the back end office.  I was excited!  I knew exactly what it was.  Not wanting to investigate till morning, I finished up what I was doing and headed to bed.  First thing when up and at it, this is what I found……………………………………….


A Mouse No More

……………One Big Fat Mouse.  This little creature snuck in from the Ponoka grounds and traveled his way to the big City Lights of Calgary.  I knew he was in there with the toilet paper mess he had made and the eating from the snack drawer.  But I got him and I got him good.  No more mice in this trailer.


A Helping Hand

Back to the incident, we can’t thank each and every one of you out there enough, that came out to help in one way or another.  The Chuckwagon and Stampede Committee members, the Media members on the ground, our Chuckwagon Family, Friends, Fans, Sponsors and Family.  Rick and I have been overwhelmed with all your helpfulness of gestures, from phone calls, Facebook messages, texts, hugs and more.  Each and every one has touched our heart.  We are so thankful the outcome of the incident was what it was.


Together the Morning After

We had to take a photo of ourselves this morning, just to let you know, we are all okay.


One Damaged Wagon


Jim, Chad and Rick doing Team Work

After morning chores, Rick and I took some time to visit with a friend, and then it was time to get to work.  Our sponsors, The Mavericks provided us with some awesome companies to help us through the process of welding, macining, making wood pieces for the seat.   By race time, the Chuckwagon was ready to roll.  Excellent Team Work by all involved.

It is always a pleasure to have friends pop by.  Today, Rick and I enjoyed a surprise visit from long time school mate and boxer, Willie deWit and family.  Another good friend, Shelby and her mom Chris stopped in to check in on Rick. Making sure he was okay.


Tonight’s races started out with a big old black sky that opened up on us.  Just enough to make it muddy for a few more loads of laundry tomorrow. Rick hooked the same outfit as last night, Spitit, Spin, Cowboy and Glory, with Stadium and Andy ridden by David and Cole.  Coming off the 2 barrel, with Kirk Sutherland on the inside on 1, Chad Harden on 3 and Chanse Vigen on 4.  Just a split second before the Klaxon Horn sounded, our team moved just a bit forward.  Minor!  But just enough that the judges called it a false start which in turn is a 1 second  penalty.  The race was ran, and boy did they go and go hard.  Rick drove them around the barrels and onto the track, and by the 3rd turn you would have thought the burners were turned on.  Rick and the team pulled away from the other wagons and crossed the finish line in a 1:12.77.  This would have been a day money run without the 1 second assessed.  So we settled for 4rth and that is just okay to.

Again, I would like to express our thank you, to all of the messages we have received by way of email and texts.  We have yet had time to read them all.  We may not respond to each and ever one, but just so you know, we will have read them.  Hearing from you means so much and we cherish you all.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.



12 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #4

  1. So glad Rick is okay after the trouble on Sunday night. It was to bad that had to happen but so glad you had so much help and support to get back on the track last night. Wow what a race Rick and the horses ran good luck.

  2. Holy cow!!! That could have ended very badly for everyone involved!!! So glad everyone is okay. Wagons can be rebuilt , lives …. they’rE a bit tougher. The video isn’t very clear. Did the wheel team get clipped by the wagon when it cartwheeled?

    • Hi Barb
      Thank you for your concern. The Stampede is over now. It was a rollercoaster ride for sure.

      The horses came out unscathed. Not a scratch on them. Rick is totally fine as well.

      Cheers to you

  3. So happy Rick, horses and wagon are okay. Have been thinking of you and your family and what a scary experience it was. You were and are in our thoughts and prayers. Thrilled to watch Rick’s return last night and awesome race! Wishing you the best of luck for the rest of week!

  4. was watching the race when the wreck happened, my heart was in my throat I can’t imagine what you were all feeling. Glad that everyone is okay and yes those boys did run like the wind last night. Best of luck to you all team 23 for the rest of the week. 🙂

  5. That was amazing how Rick got through that without being injured. Thank God he did! He is one tough guy to be back on the track last night again. We seen it on TV. Ron had a knee replacement so we are staying put this summer. Take care.

  6. So glad everyone is OK. We are admiring and very proud of the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in this business. The “Never Give Up” attitude is a great trait to have. The competitive nature certainly runs in the family. Lol Good luck the rest of the way. We are cheering really hard for you. (Whistle)

  7. I am so relieved to hear you are ok. I have been following your travlin trailer website since a friend forwarded it last year. I have learned so much about the sport and –sue, I just love your inspirational comments. Blessing to you, Rick, and your beautiful family.

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