Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #5

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Day # 5 and we are at the half way point of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, The Calgary Stampede.  Time sure does go by fast here.


Breakfast Time

It was our barns turn to make breakfast this morning.  We share making the morning meal with Cousin Troy Dorchester’s crew next door.  Alternating through the week makes life much easier.  Today I whipped up some french toast along with some bacon, eggs and some fruit salad on the side.  We cook on the griddle right down by the barns.  The clean up is fast and easy.

Once the dishes were cleaned and put away, I scooted on up to the trailer to have a nap as I missed having one the day before, due to the business of repairing the chuckwagon and such.  A couple hours of shut eye and I was good to go.

I made some new friends today.  Some gals on the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon committee, put together an  afternoon of food, drinks and pampering for the ladies of the Chuckwagons.  They lined up some fine folks to come to the grounds and provide us with their services. Such a nice gesture for us all.  It was fun to clean up and enjoy some lunch, a much needed massage, a freshening of makeup, a new hair style and a refreshing beverage to boot.  WE WERE SPOILED!

Shortly there after, Jenn and I headed on over to the Indian Village to meet up with my friends Maureena and family to join in and learn some of their traditional ways of living.  I tried my hand at cutting the meat to smoke and Jenn worked at cutting  leather and beading.  We had so much fun and plenty of laughs.  These people are a joy to be around as they love to laugh and are very proud to show others their heritage.

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Close to race time, the clouds burst open and the rain came down again.  More mud makes more laundry.  But on the up side of things, the rain stopped for the races, and the nice big machines are there for us to use.  So you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.


Father and Son

Tonight, there was a redraw.  This means that all the Chuckwagon outfits got re-seated into different heats according to their running time excluding all penalties.  Because we received a no time the other night, this put us automatically into the first heat.  The good thing about this is that we get all our chores finished much earlier.


TAnd Their OFF

Rick chose to hook Air on the (LL), Ranger on the (RL), Cowboy (LW) and Glory on the (RW).  Chanse Vigen and Cole rode Earnie and Die.  Rick managed a good start around the top barrel,  but then came just a bit to wide on the bottom barrel.  The judges noticed he was beyond his chalk line coming to the track and assessed him with 6 seconds in penalties.  OUCH!!!  That hurts.  Looking for a better run tomorrow.


Celebrating our baby Cody’s 25th Birthday.

So hard to realize that Cody is 25!  Hmmmm, double that, and its hard to believe the age of me!  Cody and Team 23 enjoyed a very delicious Ice Cream cake. He’s one heck of a kid and will one day be a Chuckwagon Champ.


Soft Cuddles

Babies can bring so much comfort, and Rick found this little bundle of love just a few doors down.  Little baby Harper Cosgrave, Charleigh and Colts little one is just a sweet heart.  This year alone, I believe there will be 6 or 7 new little ones born into our Chuckwagon families on the road.  Its a Great thing.  They will keep our Chuckwagon Heritage alive!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  LIFE’S roughest storms prove the STRENGTH of our anchors.




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