Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #6

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

My day has been a long one.  I so enjoy my quiet mornings, and today was one of those days.  I got up at 5 am to go and throw a couple of loads of laundry in, then headed to the barn.  The quietness was almost deafening.  There was no one else around.  Only the horses in the barn, and they are quiet too.  When the lights are off and there is no action in the barn the horses rest.

I brought the oats into our shed row to feed morning oats.  When I came in with the wheel barrow full of the horses feed, the sound from the ponies is like a sound of none other. Immediately they know that you are there to feed them their breakfast.  Altogether, they let out a few whinnies, then prance a little in the stall, until each of them have their bucket filled.  It gives me such a pride within myself, to know that even though they can  not talk to us, there is definitely communication between human and equine.  I hope to get this on video some time to share with you, so you too can experience just a bit of what we do.


Just a Little Lovin!

Our delicious breakfast prepared by the Dorchester crew filled our bellies for the morning. This is day 6, and I can tell, everyone is getting a bit tired and sluggish.  Coming into Calgary for the 10 days of racing is grueling, not to mention the 6 days of Ponoka before this as well.  Its a long stretch, and you tend to keep on running on adrenaline, just because you know you have to.  But its a good adrenaline.

Rick and I took time to have our photos taken with Dave, our friend and retired cpl. , along with 2 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police members.  They partake in the opening ceremonies of the afternoon rodeo.

This afternoon, Rick took his Chuckwagon over to Warwick  and the crew there were a huge help in repairing the axles.  They needed just a bit of straightening after the mishap.  The wagon arrived back just in time for the evenings races.



Not long before race time, I had enjoyed a few minutes of visiting with my friends, Mack, Kim, and Mylene.  Lots of laughs with great people.


Before the races begin, our national anthem is played by the Calgary Stampede Show Band.  Here, outrider David Bensmiller proudly stands  with head cover removed as he looks on at the army helicopter in the sky which displays our beautiful Canadian flag.


Again, it looked like we were going to be rained totally out.  We did get some moisture during the race but not much.  Rick decided to hook Spirit (LL), Spin (RL), Cowboy (LW) and Law (RW).  Stadium and Andy were rode by Chanse and Cole.  Rick had a great barrel turn then headed out onto the track, stealing the rail.  They ran hard and ended up with with a time of 1:12.05.  This running time was good enough to win Day Money.  Top spot is always good and we are very thankful to achieve it.


“Team 23” Celebration


A little fan back home


A Big Winning Hug

I must confess, these last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions.  But obtaining the day money run today sure hit the spot in happiness.  It was what we needed to boost our spirits.   So very, very grateful!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Don’t let the silly little things steal your happiness.



4 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #6

  1. We were so happy to see you win Day Money. So deserving and you needed the encouragement. Love watching your crew bring it all together, rain or shine.

  2. I read yesterday’s blog at a friend’s home and she kindly forwarded today’s. I have been a fan of the Chuckwagons for years and reading your blog with a bit of the background of your commitment and of the behind the scenes work really puts the human face to what you do. Thank you! Your inspiring quote is also much appreciated. Jane

    • Hello Jane
      Thank you for comment and welcome to my world of Chuckwagon Racing. Thank you for your kind words.
      It pleases me that the quotes help someone along lifes journeys.


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