Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #7

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

The days are counting downward now.  Hard to believe that we have only 3 more race days left of the Calgary Stampede.  Time sure does fly by when your having fun.


This Little Man is in Town

Our daughter Amy and son Coy arrived last night, joining us for the rest of the show.  I was informed that Coy just had to get here to see his Nana.  We normally spend lots of time together, so Chuckwagon season cuts into our time.

I was on  morning breakfast duty, so while the Team got busy with chores, I fired up the grill and got at it.  The request was breakfast wraps.  That’s what I made along with the quick ever hash browns from Costco.   They come in a mini carton.  You just add boiling water, let them sit for 15, throw them on the griddle to fry, and then their ready.  I believe everyone was satisified, because there was not a crumble left to put away.

Rick and I had no venues or appointments to attend, so we took advantage of this and went up to the trailer to sleep by 10:30 AM.  While here in Caglary, the pace is fierce.  Early mornings and late  nights.  So naps are crucial.


Our frriend Tyler

Tyler, our friend came by during our afternoon chores. You see, we met Tyler last year during our annual visit to the Childrens Hospital.  Tyler is a fine young man, who frequents the hospital daily for dialysis.  He spent the evening with our Team enjoying the races and just hanging out.  We will be heading to the hospital tomorrow for this years visit.


Our day money run from yesterday was fantastically exciting!  With that comes a trip to the Stage in front of the crowd the next day to receive a trophy for your success.  We were so very honored to receive this achievement.


Cowboys and their Starched Jeans

Rick had to look his finest, so I pulled out his newest starched jeans from the closet.  He needed a bit of help from relative Maxine to pull apart the legs.  Cowboys love to have their jeans pressed, starched and with a crease.   Here on the grounds we have the Cochrane Cleaners sitting on site, picking up and dropping off laundry daily.  This is Ricks treat during the Stampede. Nicely pressed jeans and shirts.


Friends of Honour

While waiting to go on stage, we met these fine gentleman.  We stopped to shake their hands and say “Thank You” for their service for our country.  Rick and I believe it is so important to recognize these folks for what they do.

As we went up on stage to accept the trophy, I managed to take a snap of our Chuckwagon Track Announcer on the big jumbo tron set up for the crowd as it was a little tough to see him way up in the Eye in the Sky as they call it.

The box seats are great viewing spots for many of the sponsors to see the races from.  They get a pretty close up view of all the action from there.


Another Speedy Run

Rick decided to hook our barrel 3 and 4 outfit consisting of Nickel (LL) Speedy (RL) Devereux (LW) and Law (RW).  Chanse and Cole rode Die and Ernie.  All went very well posting a time of 1:15.13 which help up for first place right up until the last heat ran.  Then we moved to 2nd but we will still take that and are very happy how the horses ran.


One of Rick’s Little Fans

Our little fan Talance from Saskatchewan was in the crowd tonight and had to send a wave off to one of her favorite drivers of the show.

Nothing is more special than grandkids.  Our 2nd daughter Kaylee and husband Chris arrived with their little one, baby Ryker just before the races started.  So after, we got some cuddles and lovin time in as this little has grown from the last time we seen him.  So much fun!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  The quieter you become, the more you can hear.



4 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #7

    • Good morning Holly!
      So glad to share just a bit of our life on the road with all our friends, fans and followers. Never imagined when u began this blog how well it would be recieved. Touches my heart to hear all comments.
      Cheers to you and the kids!

  1. I commend you and Rick for all the good and positive things you do wherever you go. Such fine role models in a world of turmoil. <3 <3

  2. One thing on my bucket list is to ride in one of the chuckwagons. Been watching and cheering my whole life as I was born and raised in Calgary. Thanks Sue for the great insight to chuck wagon racing. Go team 23.

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