Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canada Day #8

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

It rained all through the night.  Not that I heard the pitter patter on the roof, as I was in a very deep sleep due to being so tired, but someone had mentioned all the moisture, as well, the nearby river has risen in the past few days. A bit of a reminder of the flood a few years back.  We do not wish to experience that again.


A Clean Shed Row


A Quiet Morning Rest

Team 23 were up and at it this morning in the rain, cleaning stalls, refilling buckets with fresh water, bedding with new straw and feeding hay.  Once all was completed, the lights were shut off and the barn is quiet again and the horses enjoy a good rest on their fresh bedding.


Uncle Garry Dorchester and Ryker

Morning coffee visits at the Dorchester barn and baby Ryker was the center of attention.  Uncle Garry was enjoying his turn of cuddles and didn’t quite want to give him up to soon.

Soon after, Rick and I cleaned up and headed out to the children’s hospital along with Trick Rider Payton Bensmiller and Outrider Kale Lajeeunesse.  This is an annual visit that we make while we are here in Calgary at the Stampede.  It’s one visit that is near and dear to our hearts.  We come away from this with a new heart of gratitude.  These families endure so much day to day yet never complain.


Smiles all around

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Soon after returning from the hospital, we had a young lady scheduled to come to see us.  Shelby and her dad, along with their friends came for a meet and greet with us and the horses.

A little birdie told us it was Shelby’s 11th birthday today, so we bought her a cake to celebrate. She was very happy about the cake, but even more excited to meet the horses.  Shelby and her friend Lily, met every horse in the barn.  But in the end, Shelby’s favorite, was outriding horse Andy.  They just seemed to connect with one another.


Tomorrows Breakfast Prepared

Little time left of the afternoon,  so Rick lied down for his nap and I got busy in the kitchen.  I have one more breakfast to serve, so I decided I would make the Christmas Morning Wifesaver.  This is a delicious meal of bread, ham, cheese, eggs and milk all in one.  I`ll pop it in the oven in the morning and serve with some fresh fruit on the side.


My Chanse and Me

Before the race night began, Chanse Vigen (outrider and chuckwagon driver) and I got a snapshot together.  This young man is as old as Rick and I are married.  I remember the day he was born.  Chanse is like a son to us as he`s been up and down the chuckwagon trail for years. He is one heck of an athlete, and we are proud to call him our friend.


One Muddy Infield

The day was darkened by all the clouds in the sky.  It was overcast all day long as they called for plenty of moisture.  And this time it was true.  The rains came down and the track got wet, and more wet, and the wet turned into soupy mud.  And you guessed it, more and more laundry to do.  Hey, but I`m not complaining, I have some appliances available to use.  Life is Good!

Our hook of horses tonight off the 4 barrel, were Nickle, Speedy, Devereux and Law.  Chanse and Cole rode Stadium and Andy.  From my view on the chutes, I couldn`t see what happened.  From Rick`s perspective, it wasn`t good.  Rounding the top, the barrel went down.  Darn it.  We were hoping for maybe another Day Money run.


One Hell of A Chuckwagon Driver

As soon as the outfit and all the horses returned from heat 1 , it was time to begin to clean all the tack, horses and driver.  If you get at it right away, its much easier to get all the mud removed.

With all the crew working on the cleaning, it didn`t take long to get done, and still have time to go watch the evenings races.


Proud Mama hanging with Mr. John Scott

You never know who will pop in to say hello.  This evening we got to chat with Mr. John Scott of Longview. He`s a great friend that we cherish.  Kaylee worked for John a few years back, and Rick has worked with him on the movie The Assassination of Jesse James.  John is a very down to earth kind of guy.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue,  with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And Dreams are Forever.



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  1. Loved your interview with the piece done on the women of the wagon races. Good job and I am so glad they chose you to do the interview.

  2. Sue, I absolutely love reading your daily blog. Murray and I enjoy the races so much ! And knowing some of the drivers and wives makes it so much more interesting.

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