Bonnyville, Alberta Day #2


Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

It was a very beautiful morning weather wise.  Rick got to sleep in til 7 am as Bruce agreed to feed morning oats for him.  We are still trying to catch up on some much-needed rest from the busyness of Calgary.

All the Chuckwagon Crews have track time to practice from 7 am to 10 am every morning.  It’s just like going to the evening performance, as there are many wagons going on and off the track.  Great watching.  This morning Rick and Cody both had a couple of horses each to get blown out.  So together they hooked a team of four and Cody drove.  Relative Debbie Bailer is here for the show, and of all the years of being around the wagons, she had never gone for a ride.  Well today, it was her day.  She was thrilled to climb on up and hang on tight, and away they went.  She loved it.  A check mark off her bucket list.


A Home Made Tent

When camping as a kid, there are many things to do. Grandson Coy has quite the imagination.  He gathered up all the chairs, some firewood and a tarp and made his own tent with a table and TV inside.  I even got to go in and enjoy a little visit.

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Today, it was a special day for all the ladies of the Chuckwagon world.  The Bonnyville Chuckwagon Committee and local businesses put together another Ladies Day Spa for all of us.  We were treated to massages, manicures, pedicures hair cuts, and lots of delicious food and beverages.  A huge thank you to all those that contributed.

Tonight Cody came off the 2 barrel and ran 3rd in his heat.  He managed a 1:16.22 for 17th on the day.  He sure looks good sittin up in the box.


Kickin Up Some Dirt

Well, it looked like a speedy run, but when that dust settled, the judges penalized Rick with a 3 second penalty coming out of the barrels.  We are not in agreement with that but it is what it is.  We placed 34th for the day.  Rick drove well and the horses ran amazing.  Spirit, Speedy, Skippy and Vegas were the hook, and Andy and Ice were rode by David and Cole.


A Happy Little Man

On a happy note, this little guy was very excited to receive our mini chuckwagon giveaway.  Isn’t he just so cute?

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations



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