Bonnyville, Alberta Day #3

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Last night after the races, the sky to the west was amazing.  The weather forecast was for some rain in the area, but this sight was spectacular.

We were not really sure as to what was to come of it, but in the end, it was minimal rain and some wind.  Today the wind continues to blow and dry up the moisture on the ground.


Team 23 Fans

One of our rituals while here in Bonnyville, is scooting around town looking for some local garage sales, just for fun.  Well today, we found a few and  managed to have a few laughs along the way.  These o’l gals, (relatives on Rick’s side of the family) found some goofy costumes so they just had to try them on for size.  I think we might just see them at the races tonight.

Life is a journey for everyone.  No one knows what lies ahead of us.  We can plan into the future but our day to day outcome can be very different than what we expect.  On my journey today, I took my bike and spent some time alone on some nearby trails.  On my adventure I seen so many things.


An Unknown Journey

Along our path the road is usually visible for a short distance.  We can plan ahead for this and for that, and we anticipate great things.  Some come to fruition and some do not.

Often, we will find holes along the way that we need to fill.  Sometimes the road we travel is less than smooth, and we need to hang on for the ride hoping for the best.

On our journey we may see what we think is a flower but yet it is not.  The weed is classified as just a weed.  But no, it is not just a weed!  It’s a bright, beautiful, colorful plant with a purpose. Just as you and I have a purpose too.

Some days, we just need to stay in and snuggle up into our comfort zone of home.  This is where we feel most safe.  But then, there is a time to swim away, against the current, because you just need to fight.  To fight for what is right in your life.  And that is okay too.

Along the journey, there is a time to sit and  be quiet and remember those special people who were in our lives at one point.  To remember all the good things that they taught us, and for us to take that and use that for our journey too. As we ascend on the stairs, upward, it connects us closer to their spirit of happiness.  That there is comfort in everything.

Emotions can be so strong and different some days too.  Sometimes, we feel we might be held back, but yet we know there is room to go through, in  just small bits at a time.  Other times, we feel so hard, yet we are allowing to be washed and cleansed, to be able to move and carry on.  At other times, we know we need to take flight and just move on to a new and better destination to begin fresh, or to just get away for a time to regroup, then come back refreshed.

Many journeys have paths, where we don’t take mention to  the bad stuff, and just need to cross over it all and not mind it what so ever.  Just let it flow underneath you,  not giving it any thought whatsoever.  Often, we need to put the music on so we can dance, meditate, sing and just fill our being with a melody or two.  Music is so good for the soul!  But yet, we may need to just get out there, in wide a open space and let it all out, till there’s no more left release.

And when we have dealt with many things in our journey, we can take a seat wherever that may be, and just contemplate life.  We can stop to smell the flowers.  We can say to ourselves……”I am NOT JUST me!”  “I am SOMEBODY SPECIAL!”

Day # 3 and Cody was off the 3 barrel in heat #3.  As the horn sounded and the chuckwagons headed to the track, Cody was hung out 4 wide.  On the second turn he decided to pull in behind and go to the rail.  It was all good until he got into a box and had to pull and wait to get some room to the finish line.  He came 3rd in his heat aned 22nd on the day.


Flying off the Three Barrel

Rick too was off the 3 barrel in heat 5.  Tonight he hooked Hot Speed (LW), Trick (RW) Keenan (LL) and Speirman (RL) with Sneakers and Ice as the outriding horses being rode by David and Cole.  It was a clean run of  a time of  1:17.02 good enough for a 16th place on the day.  Only one more day of racing here in Bonnyville and tomorrow will be afternoon start time of 2 pm.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Great men and women are not extraordinary people who do extraordinary things.  They are ordinary people who do ordinary things with integrity.




4 thoughts on “Bonnyville, Alberta Day #3

  1. Hi Sue, loved your blog tonight! I to believe life is a journey, many time we come to a crossroad and not sure what path to take. thank you for your insight. Just wanted to know what the penalty of LTB is>???????? Thank you for your time Marguerite

    On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 8:34 PM, The Travelin Trailer wrote:

    > suefraser23 posted: “Howdy Chuckwagon Friends Last night after the races, > the sky to the west was amazing. The weather forecast was for some rain in > the area, but this sight was spectacular. We were not really sure as to > what was to come of it, but in the end, it was min” >

    • Hi Marguerite
      LTB is labeled as late into barrels. Each wagon must proceed into barrels in a timely manner between each other. There must not be one lagging behind making others wait.


  2. Cannot wait to watch Day 4 live in person! Haven’t been to a Chuckwagon race in person for a few years! Super excited

  3. I loved your way of expressing that everyone’s life is a journey. Sometimes there are “holes to fill”.

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