Bonnyville, Alberta Day #4

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Afternoon start time  for our final day of the Bonnyville Chuckwagon races was on the schedule. We enjoyed a beautiful morning of sunshine. Chores were completed with extra help from our Bonnyville gals.    Bacon, eggs, potatoes and  toast were on the menu.  Rick likes his bacon and that is what he gets.


The Crew Headin on Out to Dump the Manure……….Team Work

We welcomed the Hebert Family in to meet us, particularly young Dominic.  You see, Dominic and his family have been fans of Chuckwagon races for some time now.  Rick has always been Dominic’s favorite driver since he can remember.  Well the family had been watching the races on TV during the Calgary Stampede.  They would do friendly bets among themselves during each heat.  For Rick’s heat, Dominic picked Rick.  The horn had sounded, Rick barreled around the top, headed for the bottom, and the unforeseen happened, Rick tipped over!  Dominic was devastated, along with his family.  He even had a tear in his eye.  Well this family was quite concerned, sent us well wishes, along with many other folks.  Their message caught my eye as I felt this young man needed to meet Rick.

When the invite came, Dominic was beside himself.  Bonnyville was the time and place.  Today we met the young fella and his family.  We toured them into the barn to meet the horses, and explained our life on the road.  They got to meet retired veteran driver Leo Tournier who does our farrier work and floats our horses teeth.  Dominic was so glad to meet his favorite driver and know he was okay.


There is never a shortage of Chuckwagon Kids on the trail and everyday they stay entertained riding bikes, or pulling mini wagons pretending they are running a race.  They  know where our trailer sits, as the candy dish is  always full and sits right by the door.  Minimal spoiling here!

DSC_6059Cody was off the 4 barrel today.  I wasn’t able to see his barrel turns, as I was busy tending to our outriding horses out back.  He had an unfortunate  mishap today, he knocked a barrel.  He had a great show up until then, and will be looking forward to heading down to Strathmore for more speedy runs.


Rick pulled into the four barrel with his White Bear Work Wear tarp.  His hook today was Nickle (LL), Spin (RL), Cowboy (LW) and Law (RW) with Ice and Sneakers as the outriding horses with David and Cole as our riders.  I was hoping to see them shoot out of there to get the rail, but not this time.  Despite that, they started hard and charged onto the track alongside the other outfits.  They ran a speedy time of 1:15.75 good enough for 5th on the day.  Very good for running 3 wide on the track.  We placed 20th overall in the show.

Congratulations  to Luke and Michelle Tournier on winning the Bonnyville Race meet along with outriders son Quaid Tournier and Chance Flad.


Its All Mine

This young man was standing in the right place at the right time.  He was pretty thrilled to have this little memento hand delivered to him by Rick at the post parade.


Hotdogs and a Fire

The best of the season is here.  Campfires at the last four shows to sit, relax and enjoy some down to earth great friendship visiting.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Some people are born into wonderful families.  Others have to find or create them.  Being a member of a family is a precious privilege which costs noting but love.

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  1. We are totally enjoying your emails, Sue. To us, the chuckwagon races have always been the best part any stampede. Thank You so much for sharing the behind the scenes work and personal side of the sport. Your inspirational quotes are heartwarming! Thank You, Thank You…….

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