Saskatoon Saskatchewan Day #1

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the warm weather  in Saskatoon.  I Love the Heat!  Today it was very warm, but with quite a heavy wind.


11 am to 1 pm practice window

Yesterday, we had very little wind and it was very hot.  I couldn’t tell you the daytime high, as I never look at the temperature gauge, I just look into the sky for my weather forecast.  Despite the warm temps, our Team 23 and Cody’s crew had to hook some outfits for practice.  We had a 2 hour window to prepare and run 5 outfits between the both of us.  To make it even busier, all the 10 or so outriding horses were rode as well.

One of my jobs along with Team 23, is to help prepare the chuckwagon horses for their practice run, by putting their collars and harness on, along with their headstalls as well.



Outrider Cole Somerville

The outriding horses get saddled and bridled, and await their turn for our outrider Cole to take them for a fast lap.  We call this fast lap, “blowing them out.”  I tell you what, Cole was one tired fella, after riding 10 or so horses yesterday.  But then again, he’s in great shape and makes things look pretty easy.  He is doing very well for his second season on the tour.  Here in Saskatoon, he is hired to ride all 9 heats behind several different drivers.



Early morning workout session on the Grandstand Stairs

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but will again, “I love my mornings!”  Always so peaceful and quite.  And this is the time I like to do my workouts.  Today was no different.  I ran/walked around the park, and then over to the bleachers at the grandstand.  I lost count of the steps after going up and down several times.  During this time, there are a few race track folks exercising their horses.  But other than that, its pretty quite around there.


A set of Wings

I just never know what I will come upon on my daily journey.  Today, this set of wings was lying on the grandstand stairs. It makes me wonder what happened to this poor bird.   Life can be like this sometimes, where our soul just doesn’t have it in us anymore to continue on,  yet our outer body remains.


Cody on the Back Stretch


Driving around the Fourth Turn


Focusing on the Home Stretch

So it couldn’t have been a nicer night for our first night of racing in  Saskatchewan.  Our son Cody was in the first heat so he had to be ready.  Cody was off the 1 barrel tonight and had a good run to put him in 15th spot on the day.


4 rth Turn Judge Dale

Every sport needs judges and ours is no different.  Dale Haroldson climbs high on a platform, to get a bird’s eye view.  There are judges stationed on each turn, first, second, third and fourth, as well as others in front of the infield.  There are also cameras to film the race and review.  The human eye can only see so much.


We got a good chuckle tonight.  Just as Ricks heat was pulling in to race, a cat decided to do his duty on the home stretch.  The cat had no idea that his 9th life could have ended if he had been much longer.  All was well though, he scooted off before the wagons came around.


Headed to the Finish Line

The boys ran a great race tonight.  Rick hooked Spirit, Spin, Cowboy and Glory.  Cole rode Trickster holding the leaders and Chanse Vigen rode Stadium throwing the stove.  Our tarp sponsor tonight was Driving Force.  Rick ran a clean race and placed 2nd for the day.  We are very happy about that.


Backside Business

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Signs from the soul should come silently, as silently as the sun enters the darkened world.





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