Saskatoon Saskatchewan Day #2

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

I was pondering later today, of what I was going to blog about.  My day was very low key.  The crew got busy with the morning chores, and I got to  work making breakfast.  I like to change things up a  bit as to not be too repetitive with our meals.  This morning I made whole wheat breakfast wraps.  We get our protein in with the eggs and ham, I throw in some veggies, peppers onions and mushrooms.  Top it off with some cheese, salsa and maybe  even some Franks Hot sauce.  Our Team 23 Crew never complains about eating.  They Love what they get!

Every Chuckwagon Team has many spokes to it.  The Team is what makes the wheel go round.  Kim, is one of our “Team 23” members.  She is a great hand doing any and all jobs with no complaints.  Kim works alongside Rick making sure all the horses are cared for to her utmost ability.  This is Kim’s second season with us.  Here she is trimming Vegas’s fetlock hair.  You would think he was a draft horse with all that extra hair.



Prairieland Grandstand

tonight’s crowd here in Saskatoon was a good one.  We are so glad to see so many fans out, as we are competing with Garth Brooks.  He’s in town putting on a few shows.  Which would you go see if you were here?  Or would you do a double-header?


Happy Fan

I know what this fella prefers…………………Chuckwagon Racing of course!


Cody’s helper Allie, needs a Team 48!

Allie, Cody’s gal is one great helper.  Her and I bring the outriding horses to the track for the riders.  Its a busy job when you have one in each hand.  As long as they are behaving, things are good.


The Outriding Crew


“Howdy Sue!”


“Sue!!! Over Here!’

Our outriders are no shortage of entertainment on the trail!  They gather before the races and all do their thing to prepare for the evening.


Veteran Outrider Chanse Vigen

Chanse is our stove man.  His job is to take the stove out of the stove rack before the horn blows.  Be sure to have it on the ground, then throw it into the rack when the klaxon sounds, then mount his horse, riding his horse around the figure 8 pattern, racing to stay within 150 feet of his wagon crossing the finish line.  Chanse is one of the best ever!

Rick hooked the same boys tonight, Air, Ranger (leaders) Keenan and Vegas (wheelers). Cole rode Trixter again, with Chanse on Stadium. The crew started good, but Ranger seemed to stop turning part way around the barrel, so it slowed the whole outfit down a bit.  We posted a 24th on the day.

Cody was just a bit more speedy than his dad tonight.  He placed 22nd on the day.


Like Father…………….



Like Son!

Well I’m so proud of these 2 men in my life!!!  Rick is one of the best drivers in the chuckwagon world.  He has learned so much of his talent from his late grandfather Tommy Dorchester, his late dad, Dave Lewis, is late, Uncle Dallas Dorchester.  And now he is passing his talent on to our son Cody.  And I believe in my heart, Cody will be a champion one day soon too!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.



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  1. We will be seeing Garth on Saturday and making our way to the Chucks on Sunday! First time to the races in Saskatoon, so excited!

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