Medicine Hat, Alberta Day #1

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

Its been busy around here.  I don’t think there is ever a time when its not!  Not in this business.  We packed up and headed out of Saskatoon on Monday, departing at 8:3o am.  Was a good drive, not much traffic on the roads.  We arrived down south in Medicine Hat by 2 pm.  Along our journey we stopped in a little town called Kyle on Highway 4.  I so desperately had to stop to go pee, as well as fuel up the trucks. I am thinking I will have to cut down on my consumption of liquids on travel days.  So Rick tells me.  While we were stopped, a friendly voice came from around the corner and called my name.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was Neville Jemott, a long time friend from back in Grande Prairie days, when we lived there.  We haven’t seen him and Frieda for years.  What a nice surprise!  We couldn’t chat long, as the horses needed to get going, but we will definately connect later.

IMG_3522I am proud to be living in a free country that I am.  Before the evening performance begins, the Canadian Anthem is sang.  It sends shivers through my body when I hear this. We are a very lucky people here in this country.


A Wagon Full of kids


Ricky the Teacher


I Wanna Be A Horse!

The Medicine Hat and Exhibition Association, arranged to bring in kids from the surrounding schools to come and meet some drivers on  the grounds.  We were available to give the kids a barn tour,  to just see what it is we do. Many of them are city kids and have no idea, and have not seen a horse or smelled horse manure.   They had many questions and loved getting to sit up in the Chuckwagon Box. Rick does a superb job of teaching.  Who knew?

Even when there is a schedule to follow, there is always time to change things up a bit  A 2nd annual Golf Tournament took place yesterday.  Because Rick does not golf, I got to go and join other Chuckwagon Drivers, swinging their clubs on the golf course to raise money for a Humaitarian Group.  I was auctioned off and purchased by sponsor Rodeo Ford!  What a great bunch of guys.  A day well spent by all.


A delicious Side Salad

Even though we are on the road, I am always trying new recipes.  The kids requested some salad……………..and so they got salad!  I needn’t a recipe,as  I just started adding many things together and came up with this.  It was a success!


Proud to carry this Tarp


 The Top of 3

We are very happy and proud to be carrying the tarp of none-other than MacAurthur Ranches.  Jim, our sponsor contact, brought his 87 year old father out to the races tonight.  He was thrilled to have watched his name go around the track.  We thank them for believing in us!

Ricks hook tonight was Air, Ranger, Vegas and Stash.  Cole rode Andy and Chanse on Skippy.  Chanse had a bit of issues with Skippy turning to the left when he was to get on.  This cost him some time getting out onto the track behind Rick.  Which in turn made him late to the finish line giving us a 1 second penalty.  We placed 25th on the day.


Runnin Hard

Cody had a bit of a slow start tonight. The horn blew, and I’d swear the horses had earplugs in and never heard a thing.  They just kind of stood there.  Very frustrating.   The outfit finally got going, and he managed placing 30th on the day.  Better tomorrow.


Look What I Got!


They love carrots!

There were two happy little girls tonight.  One received the free mini chuckwagon give away, and our friends from The Hat brought their kids by to feed some carrots to the ponies.


Best Friends


Such Beauty

So thankful for all that I’ve got!

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S.  Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.

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