Medicine Hat, Alberta Day #2

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Aren’t  the Medicine Hat skies spectacular?  I had decided last night, that I would wait to do the blog early this morning as we ventured over to fellow driver Chad Hardens barn for a sponsor get together.  Which in turn meant we were a bit late getting to bed.  I am so glad I made this decision, because when I got up, the skie was so beautiful.  And the neat part about that, was when we were finishing up putting the horses away last night, I couldn’t help but notice the evening sky as well.  I am glad to have captured both of these amazing breathtaking photographs.  It makes me appreciate the wonders of God’s creation.

My day yesterday was busy, but rather boring so to speak.  I prepared breakfast, then dove my nose into my office work.  On the road the bills still find me.  I do  the books for our company and Cody’s as well.  So it was time to play catch up.


Ethan preparing for the ride


A practice jump

Our youngest outrider on the tour, is Ethan Motowylo.  At the age of 15, he is doing a pretty good job.  His dad is Chuckwagon Driver Obrey Motowylo.  Ehtan rides for his dad as well may pick up another ride or two with another outfit along the tour.  Everyone starts somewhere, and you only get better by riding, racing and practicing.  This goes for anything we do in life’s journeys.


Obrey with son Ethan and Chad Cosgrave, the outriders

This year, is the year for new offspring in the Chuckwkagon Family.  There have been 3 babies born this spring, and another 3 due in the next month or two.  Driver Dustin Gorst is pretty excited for their little boy to arrive in a couple of weeks.


Jaycee Gorst still helping out

Friday night was a beautiful night for racing.  There were definitely not near as many penalties as the first night of races.  Only 4 infractions.  1 late outrider, and 3 knocked barrels.


Heading for the bottom barrel

Rick was off the 1st barrel last night.  For his 3rd  outfit, they turned and ran pretty good.  Rick was happy with it.  His hook was the same as the night before, with Air, Vegas, Stash, Ranger.  Then Cole and Chanse rode Andy and Stadium.  They posted a time of 102.91 good for 15th on the day.


Shoulder Checking

Cody fared pretty good.  Coming off the 3 barrel, its tough to get the rail.  You have to be pretty speedy to get ahead of the other 2 wagons.  Cody didn’t have quite enough room to do that, so he ended up going 3 wide all the way around this short track.  Him and his horses gave it a good shot though.  He eneded up with a time of 1:03.76 and 29th on the day.  Cody is sitting 30th overall.  He’s driving well though.


Coming down the homestretch


A Happy Recipient

We are so thrilled to put a smile on someones face with these little wagons.  The crowd here last night was good.  It’s great  to keep the fans coming, it keeps our Western Heritage Alive.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. When you believe you can………………….you can!



4 thoughts on “Medicine Hat, Alberta Day #2

  1. Hi Sue, I so look forward to your blog every morning! Makes my day! I so wish I was 40 or so years younger to be able to follow the circuit! I think I must of been a outrider or driver in my other life. LOL
    Thank you for your time and I know not only I but, others enjoy this oh so much. See you in Ponoka

  2. I went up to the show and shine in Red cliff today about 200 cars etc Is that something that would interest Rick

  3. Hello, Sue – truly enjoy your blogs as much as ever. What a great way to follow the world of chuckwagon races, and always look forward to seeing how the events of your day go! Thank you, also, for the photos – makes us feel like we are able to follow the trail along with you. As ever, I hope you all have a safe, successful, and fun-filled summer. Blessings to you……..

    • Hello Shirley
      Thank you for your message. Love to hear from my readers/followers. Glad you are enjoying my journey on the trail. I’m happy to share with others just what we do.
      Cheers to you

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